Quaker Welcome Center

Where witness meets advocacy

Latest Update

FCNL’s offices are temporarily closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, but you can still join our virtual events. Every Wednesday, we will be holding virtual Witness Wednesday Silent Reflections from 5:15-6:00pm EDT. Join our virtual events by phone or videoconference using our communication platform, Zoom.

Through the Quaker Welcome Center, FCNL hosts the Quaker Changemaker Series, monthly online events bringing individual Friends’ witness in the world into conversation with FCNL’s Quaker advocacy work. For more information about virtual events and opportunities, contact Bobby Trice (rtrice@fcnl.org).

Our Work

Located across the street from the U.S. Senate, the Quaker Welcome Center is a place for dialogue and the promotion of peace, justice, and environmental sustainability. The Quaker Welcome Center hosts programs and events that equip people to change policy, nurture integrity in governance, and collaborate across political differences.

The Quaker Welcome Center is a green building, the first floor of which houses a living room-style meeting space and a conference room. The top two floors are residential with one apartment reserved for the Friend in Washington program, an advocacy residency for Quakers.

Upcoming event:
Update New space in D.C. intends to play host to bipartisan dialogue 

Our New Quaker Welcome was recently featured in the Washington Post as a space for bipartisan dialogue.

  • The Washington Post

Witness Wednesday

Circle of people gathered in person for FCNL's Witness Wednesday Silent Reflection in the Quaker Welcome Center.

Virtual Witness Wednesday Silent Reflection: On Wednesday evenings from 5:00 - 6:00 p.m. Eastern, FCNL hosts Silent Reflection on Zoom. Inspired by Quaker worship, this is a time to reflect together in community. Everyone is welcome.

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What to expect at Silent Reflection:

  • The space is open for conversation and fellowship beginning at 5 p.m. Eastern.
  • At 5:15 p.m. Eastern, a designated convener will gather the group. Often the convener will share a quote or question to help the group focus.
  • The group will settle into silence. Anyone is welcome to share a message or reflection. We ask that you leave space between messages and only share once.
  • A few minutes before 6 p.m. Eastern, the convener will close the gathering and invite participants to introduce themselves and share closing thoughts.

Virtual Grassroots Lobby Training for Groups: Contact rtrice@fcnl.org or (202) 903-2502 to organize a virtual visit with your meeting or church, Advocacy Team, college/university, organization, or school group.

Environmental Sustainability at the Quaker Welcome Center

In keeping with FCNL’s mission to seek an earth restored, nearly every aspect of the building’s construction was designed to minimize its environmental impact. These features include:

Green features of the Quaker Welcome Center
  1. Solar panels
  2. Smart utility meters, tracking energy use and peaks
  3. Green roof that reduces storm water runoff
  4. Pervious hardscaping and landscaping to manage water runoff
  5. Energy-efficient and smart LED lighting
  6. Low-flow toilets
  7. Energy-efficient windows
  8. Non-toxic, sustainable, and locally-sourced materials
  9. Adapted designs for sustainability and historical integrity

Event Recordings

View past event recordings via our Quaker Welcome Center YouTube Playlist.