Legislative Asks

Your meetings with Congress are most effective when you focus on one clear, legislative ask. Print one of the documents below on an issue you care about, and use it as a starting point for your next lobby visit!

How to Use these Documents

  1. Learn how to lobby: Use this step-by-step guide to meet with your members of Congress.
  2. Print out a document below on the issue of your choice.
  3. Keep FCNL in the loop: Tell us how your lobby visit went — it informs our legislative strategy and can amplify your impact.

Printable Legislative Asks

Legislative Ask Co-Sponsor the REAL Act and include in the Higher Education Act  

H.R.2168 /S.1074

Mass incarceration is built upon excessive sentences and limited opportunities for rehabilitation. Workforce training and education in prison are key to unlocking potential and increasing the likelihood of success upon release.

Legislative Ask Support the Global Fragility Act  

H.R.2116, S.727

The world is experiencing a 25-year peak in violence, resulting in the forced displacement of millions, and generating 80 percent of humanitarian need. The United States must act to peacefully reduce and prevent violent conflict.

Legislative Ask The real crisis at the border is deportation, detention, and walls.  

There is a crisis at the U.S. border: a moral crisis of immigrant children separated from their parents as they seek safety. There is a crisis of walls through communities and of refugee families detained in camps on military bases. There is a humanitarian crisis, created by military troops deployed in border communities and an illegal ban on certain asylum seekers.

Legislative Ask Pass a Carbon Pricing Bill  

The science is clear: climate change is real, is worsened by human activity, and will continue to harm our communities without significant action. Congress has a moral obligation to protect vulnerable communities and seriously address climate change in a bipartisan fashion.

Legislative Ask End the Illegal U.S. War in Yemen  

S.J. Res. 7

In the coming days, FCNL expects the Senate to vote on bipartisan legislation (S.J. Res. 7) to end U.S. military involvement in the Saudi-led war in Yemen. The measure was introduced by Sens. Bernie Sanders (VT), Mike Lee (UT), and Chris Murphy (CT), and a similar version of the legislation passed the Senate in December 2018 by a vote of 56-41.

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