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We’re starting to see that the undue influence of money in politics might be a symptom, not the disease itself. We’re thinking more broadly, and it’s opening up possibilities for action. The problem is the fundamental disconnect many of us feel between us and the representatives we elect. How can we take back politics, build integrity, and restore faith in democracy?

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Action Alert The Debate Raised the Issues. Now Congress Should Act. 

The first presidential debate touched on many of the challenges we’re facing as a country. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump gave voters an idea of how they would address issues ranging from mass incarceration to the use of nuclear weapons.

Update Question Once, Lobby Twice 

Even as the rhetoric has moved from debate over policy differences to personal attacks against individuals and whole communities, in January the next Congress and the next president will need to come together to govern the United States.

Advocacy Resource Love Thy Neighbor 

You might have felt it. The hateful rhetoric of candidates in this election year affects us all, fostering a climate of fear. We believe that we can and must call out the irresponsible language that demonizes people of particular faiths and backgrounds.

Background The Possibilities 

We recognize that building peace and countering injustice require systemic change as well as personal change. This change requires us to be directly involved as constituents. It requires us to evaluate the candidates and vote for the people we believe are best qualified to lead our country and to govern fairly—even if those candidates don’t represent us on every issue.

Background Loving Our Neighbors Now 

We are living through a campaign season where Donald Trump makes headlines and draws crowds for anti-Muslim rhetoric. In the past year, some in Congress have tried to keep refugees from Syria and Iraq out of the country, despite the lessons of history. What does it mean to love our neighbors now?

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