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With the end of the Cold War, many dared hope that the scourge of nuclear weapons would be ended once and for all. Yet, today, more than two decades later, the drive to build nuclear weapons by some governments continues, energized in no small part by the policies of the U.S. government.

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More on Nuclear Disarmament & Nonproliferation

Background The Future of Pentagon Spending in the New Political Climate  

Adapted from a talk given by William D. Hartung at the annual meeting of the Friends Committee on National Legislation, November 12, 2016.

Costs for Proposed New Nuclear Weapons 

Over the next 30 years, the United States is likely to spend one trillion dollars on the U.S. nuclear arsenal. Approximately one third of that expense will be on the design and construction of unnecessary new nuclear weapons.

Update #DiplomacyWorks: Iran Deal under President Trump 

The Iran nuclear deal stands on strong legs, and President-elect Trump's conviction to dismantle the deal remains unclear. Five factors could convince him to uphold the deal.

Update A New Nuclear Arms Race 

The U.S. nuclear arsenal is reaching the end of its lifespan. Will the U.S. spend the money required to upgrade and modernize these weapons, or will it use this opportunity to speed up disarmament?

Background The Real Nuclear Threat: A Dirty Bomb 

This year, violent extremists linked to the Islamic State spied on the home and office of a person involved with storing large quantities of dangerous nuclear material. The motive for the surveillance is unknown, but authorities speculate that the group might want the material to use in an attack.

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