Health Care

Ensuring access to affordable, quality health care is the very definition of a public good—a service that can’t be adequately provided by private interests but that is necessary to benefit everyone.

Stethoscope and clipboard.

Universal access to affordable, effective, comprehensive health care is necessary to allow all people to fulfill their potential. Comprehensive health care includes primary, acute and long-term care as well as mental health and substance abuse treatment.

To ensure access, health services should be provided where an individual’s needs can best be met. Our country can only maintain and improve the physical and mental health of its population with affordable health care that covers the entire life span, from prenatal to end-of-life care. Public health services, which protect us all, require robust federal support.

Life or Death

Health insurance coverage is literally life or death for many. Alison L. from Pennsylvania writes about her daughter:

"I had to think about what we would do if it came down to choosing between paying for life saving care for [our daughter], or keeping a roof over our heads."

Kristen W. from Utah has a chronic autoimmune disease. She says:

"[Lupus] attacks my kidneys, and the treatment I receive prevents my immune system from attacking my kidneys. If I go off this treatment, my immune system would continue to attack healthy tissue, and I would die."


Background Responding to the Coronavirus 

The coronavirus pandemic is a generational threat, and its impacts will be felt by all of us. But know this: Our work for peace and justice will go on. Here’s how we will continue our advocacy in the face of COVID-19 and how you can join us.

Background FCNL's Principles for a Just Health Care System 

FCNL believes that health care is a right. We seek a world where all people have adequate resources to maintain their health, where health care is supported by the federal government, and where health outcomes are considered in all matters of public policy. As we advocate for a more just health policy, FCNL considers the following principles.

Background Explainer: What Is "Medicare for All," and How Is It Different Than Other Proposals? 

Throughout election season—and in the health policy world in general—there are many differences of opinion about the way forward for quality and affordable health coverage for all people. From “Medicare for all” to universal health care to expanding upon the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the various options can be somewhat confusing.

Background Continuing the Push for a Just Health Care System in 2020 

At the height of the congressional attempt to repeal the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) in 2017, FCNL joined with many advocacy groups to protect access to health care.

Background FCNL Supports Comprehensive Drug Pricing Reform 

The cost of prescription drugs in the U.S. has caused incredible harm for far too long. But bipartisan momentum for a drug pricing reform bill is growing. The president called for such a bill in the 2020 State of the Union address, and there is bipartisan legislation in the House and the Senate.

Background FCNL Supports Surprise Billing Legislation at the Federal Level 

Surprise medical billing has gotten out of hand. FCNL is strongly in favor of legislation that would protect patients from unaffordable and unanticipated medical bills.