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Letter 15 NGOs Sign Letter In Support of Civilian Protection in Iraq and Syria 

FCNL joins 14 other organizations in calling for greater protection of Civilians in Iraq and Syria.

Update Drone Warfare Is Still War 

Yesterday, President Obama delivered a lofty foreign policy speech at West Point in which he announced his vision for American counterterrorism policy post-Afghanistan.

Background Drones Reports Reveal Problems 

Researchers from some of the United States' top legal programs have published in-depth analyses of the legal, strategic and ethical dimensions of the U.S. drones program. Their works help to provide facts and support for FCNL's principled call to end the problematic use of armed drones around the world. Here is what they found

Background Drones: The Face of War Today 

The new face of U.S. warfare is an armed drone. Drones scan the skies in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Yemen, ready to assassinate those on U.S. government kill lists.

Background Understanding Drones 

Drones have rapidly become one of the U.S. military's primary weapons as U.S. counterterrorism policy has gravitated toward methods that are more secretive, more lethal, and more removed from the battlefield. Here's what you need to know.

Update A Case for Less use of Force 

Yesterday afternoon, President Obama discussed his administration’s Counterterrorism policy in a speech at the National Defense University. In a simultaneously impressive and disappointing display, the President spoke more candidly about the U.S. Counterterrorism policy, including the drones program, than he has yet to date.

Update Iraq: The Lost Decade 

Anniversaries are often a time to look back and reflect. It was ten years ago today that the United States brought “shock and awe” to Iraq under the false pretenses of Iraqi involvement in 9/11 and possession of weapons of mass destruction.

Background Federal Budget Glossary 

The federal budget determines when and how the government spends your tax dollars. Here's what you need to know.

Background Human Dignity: A Casualty of War 

The United States has waged war in Afghanistan for more than a decade, at a cost of thousands of lives and hundreds of billions of dollars, with little progress toward peace. The Strategic Partnership Agreement that the U.S. and Afghanistan signed in May is unlikely to lead to positive outcomes.

Update War at What Cost? 

This coming fiscal year, the United States is set to spend more than $640 billion dollars on the Pentagon and war, accounting for more than 60 percent of federal domestic spending. In excess of $85 billion of that will be spent on the war in Afghanistan alone.

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