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Update Washington Post Finds $125 Billion in Pentagon Waste 

The United States spends too much on war making efforts, and it is clear that we squander billions and billions of dollars in the process.

Background No Religious Registry Act (H.R. 6382) 

See the text of this legislation.

Update #DiplomacyWorks: Iran Deal under President Trump 

The Iran nuclear deal stands on strong legs, and President-elect Trump's conviction to dismantle the deal remains unclear. Five factors could convince him to uphold the deal.

Background Loving Our Neighbors Now 

The election revealed our pain and brokenness as a country. With so much division, hurt, and anger, it is difficult to look for that of God in each other. What does it mean to love our neighbors now?

Update To End Torture, We Need Transparency 

Our next president should immediately suspend the military commissions where some Guantanamo detainees are being tried. Not only are these commissions biased and inefficient, but they lack transparency—and that means that reports of torture at Guantanamo are all too easy to bury or conceal.

FCNL in the News Stop the Saudi Slaughter 

The United Nation's recent announcement of a 72 hour truce in Yemen is a step forward, but it is not enough. To stop the bloodshed for more than three days, Washington must fully commit to cutting off weapons transfers if Saudi Arabia refuses to end its war on civilians there.

FCNL in the News Human Rights Groups Cheer Saudi Arms Sale Vote Despite Failure 

"The Friends Committee on National Legislation (FCNL), the lobbying arm of the Quakers, said the vote is a beginning for congressional opposition to the war in Yemen, rather than an end."

Update Libya: A New Front for the Endless War 

It's long past time for Congress to take its power back, to debate and vote each and every war the U.S. undertakes, in keeping with the 1973 War Powers Act. But for the past 15 years, Congress has let the president act unchecked.

FCNL in the News Humanitarian Aid Efforts in Syria May Make a Difference 

Kate Gould said: “What we’re focused on is changing U.S. policy toward Syria, so that includes supporting a diplomatic solution, de-escalating U.S. involvement and advocating for U.S. policymakers to support generous humanitarian aid."

Background The Possibilities 

We recognize that building peace and countering injustice require systemic change as well as personal change. This change requires us to be directly involved as constituents. It requires us to evaluate the candidates and vote for the people we believe are best qualified to lead our country and to govern fairly—even if those candidates don’t represent us on every issue.

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