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Event Upcoming Advocacy Workshops 

We're on the road giving you the skills you need to effect real, concrete change with Congress. We hope you can join us for a workshop in your area, as we launch new Advocacy Teams around the country.

Action Alert Vote This Week on More Money for War 

The House passed the military "minibus" 235-192 in a nearly party-line vote.

Update Conference Call: A More Just, Peaceful Budget 

July 25, 2017 Conference Call

Join lobbyists Amelia Kegan and Anthony Wier to learn about what is happening on the budget debate here in Washington, DC. Find out where things stand in the House and Senate, what the timeline for action is, and most importantly, what you can do to take action for a more just budget.

Statement FCNL Urges Congress to Rein in War Authority as House Foreign Affairs Committee Holds Hearing on the AUMF 

In response to the July 25 House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing on the Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF) and Current Terrorist Threats, FCNL Lobbyist for Human Rights and Civil Liberties Yasmine Taeb urged members of the Foreign Affairs Committee to view these proceedings as merely the first step towards repealing the 2001 AUMF and making congressional control over war authority a reality.

Background Get the Facts: Pentagon Spending 

The United States should not increase the military budget as some Congressional leaders are urging. Review five fact sheets on why a Pentagon spending increase will be a waste of funds and not make America any safer.

Statement FCNL Denounces Removal of Rep. Barbara Lee's Bipartisan Amendment to Repeal 2001 AUMF 

Weeks after the House Appropriations Committee adopted an amendment to repeal the 2001 Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF), Speaker Paul Ryan stripped the amendment from the FY2018 Defense Appropriations bill just before midnight on July 18th.

Update House Votes to Increase Pentagon Spending 

The House of Representatives voted this week for a military policy bill that increases Pentagon spending by $70 billion – a number that is higher than even the $54 billion increase that President Trump has requested.

Update House Votes on Climate, Pentagon Spending, Islamophobia, War in Military Policy Bill 

Every representative in the U.S. House voted on amendments to a military policy bill that could rein in Pentagon spending, put the brakes on a new nuclear arms race, and stop an accidental war with Iran.

Background Lobby with FCNL this August 

This September, the House and Senate will be debating spending bills and working to pass a budget. If leading voices in this debate get their way, that budget will slash spending on critical domestic programs, including Medicaid and SNAP, in order to justify massive increases in an already bloated pentagon budget. But before they make these decisions, members of Congress spend five weeks at home, and have an opportunity to hear from some of the most important voices on this issue: yours.

Background Hard Truth on North Korea 

North Korea is an odious regime, offending the vision of equity, justice, and peace that FCNL pursues—but we cannot wish it away. While there are no ideal options, some options are undoubtedly worse than others. Diplomacy and peacebuilding may have their risks, but only they hold a chance of opening a way to a better tomorrow.

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