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Background Cambodia: Preventing Genocide Was "Not an Option" 

Failure to prevent mass killings of innocent civilians is an ever present stain on our collective conscience. Too often competing interests of national security or geopolitics take precedence over human life and our responsibility to prevent is too often sidelined.

Update Remembering Guatemala's Genocide 

Panabaj is a tiny village in Guatemala with one big distinction: The military can never enter.

Update Lessons from Bosnia and a Vision for Peace 

What I learned from my visit abroad.

Update Remembering Guatemala's Genocide 

A few years ago, I traveled to Guatemala where I visited the community of Panabaj, a small Mayan village on the shores of Lake Atitlan. I was working for a humanitarian NGO that was carrying out a relief project in the aftermath of Hurricane Stan.

Update Preventing Genocide and Atrocities 

Cause for Hope Despite the Challenges

April is Genocide Awareness and Prevention Month. I have worked – along with dozens of colleagues – on the prevention of mass atrocities for a decade now. This April seems a bit different to me than previous years.

Press Release FCNL Applauds Congressional Letter Backing 'Leahy Law' Application in Israel and Egypt 

The Friends Committee on National Legislation welcomes the congressional letter to Secretary of State John Kerry requesting assurances that the Leahy law restrictions on assistance to foreign security forces are being applied to Israel and Egypt.

FCNL in the News Lobbying for Peace 

A discussion on recent accomplishments in the Peace Building Movement.

Press Release Sixty Groups Call for Passage of Senate Bill to Prevent Genocide and Atrocities 

Groups Declare Prevention Saves Lives, Protects U.S. Security

Sixty organizations called on the Senate today to pass the bipartisan Genocide and Atrocities Prevention Act as a step toward saving lives, protecting United States security and developing long-term solutions to violent conflicts.

Statement Statement in Support of the Genocide and Atrocities Prevention Act 

In support of the Genocide and Atrocities Prevention Act of 2016, S.2551, introduced by Senators Ben Cardin (D-Md.), Thom Tillis (R-N.C.) and their colleagues, signed from human rights, humanitarian, faith, anti-genocide, peace and other organizations.

Press Release FCNL Welcomes Bill to Prevent Genocide and Atrocities 

Thanks Leadership of Senators Cardin, Tillis and Others

The Friends Committee on National Legislation (FCNL) welcomes introduction of legislation that would focus the U.S. government at the highest levels on effective early prevention of violent conflict as an alternative to the often ineffective late military intervention that has become a hallmark of U.S. policy.

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