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Update FCNL Joins Call for a Sustained U.S. Commitment to Address the Crisis in Central African Republic 

FCNL urges a renewed commitment to protecting human rights and advancing peace in Central African Republic.

Update Refugees, Faith, and Action 

How do we respond to fear with the power of Love? How do we get beyond the rhetoric and hate speech to act in a way that starts to transform us and our neighbors? How do we live our faith through action?

Statement We Must Not Act in Fear 

The message of these most recent attacks is universal: every person should be afraid. Our responses to that message, however, need not accept the invitation to fear. Rejecting fear gives us space to think rationally about the responses that will ensure our collective safety over the long term.

Statement Genocide and Atrocities Prevention Act Summary 

Senator Ben Cardin, joined by Senator Thom Tillis and several others, introduced the Genocide and Atrocities Prevention Act to authorize a permanent, inter-agency Atrocities Prevention Board that mobilizes the U.S. government at the highest levels to focus on early prevention of violent conflict.

Update The Pope's Message of Peace 

Pope Francis’s messages and actions have showed that he is committed to seeking a world without war.

Update The Future We Want 

At the 70th United Nations General Assembly, the Sustainable Development Goals, for the first time, make a critical link between conflict, poverty, justice, and peace.

Background An Infrastructure for Peace 

To build peace, the U.S. needs to lead with responses that prevent, reduce, transform and help people recover from violence in all forms. Since 2001, FCNL has worked to move U.S. foreign policy in this direction. We have made progress: the U.S. now has some infrastructure in place to prevent violence and build peace. The rhetoric of peacebuilding is starting to penetrate.

Arresting Atrocity 

In 2011, U.S. President Barack Obama released a statement underscoring a commitment to prevent crimes against humanity. Soon after, he established the ambitiously named Atrocity Prevention Board, a group of U.S. officials ... [which] meets monthly to assess the risks of atrocities and to strategize on how to mitigate them.

Background The Illusion of Security 

Since 9/11, the U.S. has dramatically expanded its so-called security assistance programs, which provide training, support and weapons to armies and police forces around the world. Our country now provides military and police aid to more than 130 nations in an effort to combat violent extremism.

Washington Newsletter Washington Newsletter: Peacebuilding 

In the past decade we have made progress on infusing a peacebuilding approach into some parts of the U.S. government.

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