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Letter 44 Organizations Urge Congressional Action on Atrocities Prevention Following Executive Order 

Forty four non-governmental organizations, write to urge Congress to act by passing the bipartisan Genocide and Atrocities Prevention Act, S.2551, which would provide the necessary authorities, oversight and resources to successfully implement a comprehensive atrocities prevention agenda.

Update Prioritizing Counterterrorism over Peacebuilding 

Failures in Yemen

In the context of the current violent conflict in Yemen, many organizations – including FCNL – have been critical of the United States support for problematic counterterrorism strategies.

Update Five Reasons Why the Atrocity Prevention Executive Order Will Work 

Right now, it might feel like you can’t turn on the news without seeing coverage of atrocities taking place across the globe. The ongoing violence in Syria, Iraq and elsewhere demands urgent attention, and calls on us to answer the question of what more can be done to protect civilians at risk.

Letter FCNL Supports Executive Order on Genocide and Atrocities 

Executive Secretary Diane Randall writes to Senators in support of the Genocide and Atrocities Prevention Act

Update Teaching Tolerance in Indonesian Schools 

When religious intolerance turned into violence in Indonesia, several strong community organizations partnered together to teach students peace and tolerance. These small but strategic investments show how local peacebuilding efforts make the most significant impact on a community.

Update Community Reconciliation and Conflict Resolution in Guinea's Forest Region 

Located in southeast Guinea, the Forest Region (or Guinée Forestière) has suffered the negative effects of more than 20 years of civil wars in the neighboring countries of Côte d’Ivoire, Liberia, and Sierra Leone.

Update Good News for Atrocities Prevention; More to Do 

Good news! In early May 2016, the Senate agreed to keep the Atrocities Prevention Board working through 2017. The board is the linchpin of U.S. efforts to help stop violence before it erupts.

Update Addressing Water Security to Prevent Conflict in Northern Jordan 

Jordan is one of the most water-scare countries in the world. Uncharacteristically low rainfall coupled with a rapid population increase as a result of ongoing conflict in Syria has exacerbated the problem. In the northern governorates of Jordan alone, there has been an influx of an estimated 584,600 Syrian refugees.

Update Closing Reflections on Activism & Genocide Awareness and Prevention Month 

This April, as we marked Genocide Awareness and Prevention Month, I was struck by how important the voices of dedicated citizens have been in mobilizing the United States government to prioritize the prevention of genocide and mass atrocities.

Update Central African Republic: Marking the Success of Atrocities Prevention 

New atrocities prevention tools are already saving lives. The case of the Central African Republic underscores how new U.S. government tools are helping to better support an end to violence against civilians.

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