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Update After Aleppo and the Future of Atrocity Prevention 

Write to Congress to express your support for strengthening the U.S. Government prevention toolkit and urge them to provide leadership on this humanitarian and national security issue.

Faith Organizations Support the State Department's Office of Religion and Global Affairs 

Religion plays a vital role in every society; and religious leaders, institutions, and constituents have a tremendous impact on national policies. The Office of Religion and Global Affairs serves as an irreplaceable focal point where U.S. Government officials can deepen their own knowledge of religious actors and help foster relationships with and across religious communities. In today’s world such engagement is more critical than ever.

Action Alert A Dangerous Signal: Legislation to Defund the United Nations 

Cutting funding to the United Nations sends a dangerous message.

Letter Concerns on Secretary of State-designate Rex Tillerson 

In preparation for the confirmation hearings for the nomination of Rex Tillerson to serve as the next Secretary of State, we write to express the concerns of our non‐partisan, 74‐year‐old Quaker lobby in the public interest. We are particularly eager to understand how Mr. Tillerson envisions his role as the leading spokesperson and principal voice on foreign policy for our country.

Update New Year’s Resolution for Congress 

The 115th Congress should resolve to make atrocities prevention a priority.

FCNL in the News Prevent Mass Atrocities and Genocide with Action  

The question is not if President-elect Donald Trump will be faced with atrocities and genocide, but how will he respond in the face of violence and navigate existing and future political challenges, and—perhaps most importantly—to what extent will preventing conflicts before they begin be a policy priority?

Update The Election and Our Work 

What do the results of the election mean for FCNL's work in the days, months, and year ahead?

Background Report: A Necessary Good 

U.S. Leadership on Preventing Mass Atrocities

The report on U.S. leadership on preventing mass atrocities details what should be done to strengthen existing atrocity prevention initiatives, develop new measures, and ensure that the issue is institutionalized within the national security bureaucracy. Preventing atrocities saves lives and advances U.S. national security.

Update Prioritizing "An Ounce of Prevention" 

In a recent report, An Ounce of Prevention, Mercy Corps addresses the causes and implications of the current refugee crisis. The report gives compelling examples of countries where conflict mitigation was successful, and provides policy recommendations. Their analysis illustrates the importance of conflict prevention.

Background Understanding Genocide & Mass Atrocities Prevention 

Following the Holocaust, the United States and international community vowed to “never again” stand idly by in the face of genocide.

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