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Action Alert Tell Congress: Militarism Is Not Our Priority 

President Donald Trump today proposed a budget that would diminish government by cutting programs that serve people in every community while pouring tens of billions of dollars into the Departments of Defense and Homeland Security.

Action Alert We Can’t Achieve Peace by Funding War 

For the U.S. to achieve "peace, wherever peace can be found" as President Trump recommended in his address to Congress, we need to strengthen USAID and the State Department -- the agencies that promote peace, diplomacy, and international development.

FCNL in the News Theo Sitther Radio Interview - By Any Means Necessary 

Theo discusses State Department funding with radio host Eugene Puryear.

Letter 101 Organizations Urge Congress to Support U.S. Leadership at the UN 

FCNL joined 101 other civil society organizations committed to multilateral cooperation as a means to creating a better, safer world, write to Congressional leadership to urge them to support strong U.S. leadership at the United Nations.

Update Congress Weighs In: Don't Gut the State Department 

Members of Congress are speaking out against President Trump's plan to slash foreign assistance.

Letter 32 Faith Organizations Urge Congress to Invest in Humanitarian Aid and Peacebuilding 

A group of national faith-based organizations write to Congress to express support for U.S. investments in international humanitarian and poverty-focused assistance and peacebuilding programs.

Letter 11 Organizations Urge Secretary Mattis to Protect Civilians 

Members of the Prevention and Protection Working Group – a coalition of non-governmental organizations focused on the protection of civilians and the prevention of violent conflict – write to urge Secretary Mattis to address a specific risk and seize a critical opportunity in carrying out President Trump’s Presidential Memorandum Plan to Defeat the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.

Letter 26 Organizations Urge Ambassador Haley to Support Conflict Prevention and Peacebuilding 

The Prevention and Protection Working Group – a coalition of organizations dedicated to improving U.S. Government policies to prevent violent conflict, avert mass atrocities, and protect civilians – write to urge Ambassador Haley to support for the United Nations’ critical work on conflict prevention and peacebuilding.

Press Release Cuts to the State Department Will Diminish American Leadership 

Funding cuts will damage U.S. security

President Trump’s budget will diminish American leadership in the world, further entangle the military in overseas conflict as the primary foreign policy tool and ultimately increase costs to taxpayers.

Letter 18 Leaders Urge Secretary Tillerson to Prevent Violent Conflict and Mass Atrocities 

A coalition of organizations dedicated to the prevention of violent conflict and mass atrocities wrote a letter to Secretary Tillerson urging him to support to sustain and strengthen the U.S. government’s civilian capacities to prevent and respond to violent conflict, mass atrocities, and genocide.

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