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Press Release Quaker Organizations Oppose Potential West Bank Annexation by Israel 

Washington, DC – Three Quaker organizations that focus on international policy said today that they oppose the threatened annexation of the West Bank by Israel and called for such plans to be abandoned. Mounting reports indicate that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his government could annex the West Bank starting July 1.

Background Fully Fund United Nations Peacekeeping Activities 

Contributions for Peacekeeping Activities (CIPA) funds assessed dues to U.N. peacekeeping missions working to reduce violence, protect civilians and stabilize some of the world’s most volatile conflict zones. U.N. operations do not require U.S. troops and cost the American taxpayer eight times less than a U.S. military deployment would.

Background Issue Brief: U.S. Policy on Landmines 

Anti-personnel landmines are "designed to be exploded by the presence, proximity or contact of a person and that will incapacitate, injure or kill one or more persons.” As they are not able to distinguish between civilians and combatants, are hard to safely destroy or remove, and often fail to self-destruct or self-deactivate, landmines continue to inflict human suffering long after a conflict ends.

Letter FCNL Helps Lead Organizations in Calling for More Peacebuilding Support 

FCNL, Alliance for Peacebuilding, and Search for Common Ground drafted a letter urging Congress to provide robust support for foreign assistance focused on preventing and mitigating conflict in a new COVID-19 supplemental funding package. The letter, which was signed by 69 other organizations, emphasizes that COVID-19 is not only a public health emergency, but also an economic crisis that could trigger conflict globally.

Civil Society Recommendations on Implementation of the Elie Wiesel Genocide and Atrocity Prevention Act 

The Prevention and Protection Working Group, a coalition of human rights, religious, humanitarian, anti-genocide, and peace organizations, provided a set of recommendations for a more effective and just implementation of the Elie Wiesel Act.

Assessment of the Administration's Report Submitted in Compliance With the Elie Wiesel Act 

The Prevention and Protection Working Group, a coalition of human rights, religious, humanitarian, anti-genocide, and peace organizations, assessed the Trump administration's first report on implementation of the Elie Wiesel Act.

Press Release FCNL Believes USAID Must Release All Yemen Funding To Help Fight COVID-19 

Washington, DC – Today, the Friends Committee on National Legislation released a letter – signed by more than eighty other state and national organizations – stressing the importance of releasing all suspended USAID funding for Yemen.

Press Release Abandoning the Open Skies Treaty Is a Mistake  

Washington, DC – The Friends Committee on National Legislation (FCNL) expressed disappointment in today’s Trump Administration announcement that it will withdraw from the long-standing, multilateral Treaty on Open Skies. Formal termination will be effective in six months.

Press Release FCNL Lays Out Path to Peace in Afghanistan 

Washington, DC – The Friends Committee on National Legislation issued a new report today on the responsible way to wind down and finally end the 19-year war in Afghanistan. This report draws on extensive interviews with experts in diplomacy, crisis response and planning, military affairs, and state-building in Afghanistan.

Update How Does the Heroes Act Align with FCNL's Priorities? 

The House passed the Heroes Act (H.R. 6800), a comprehensive bill to further address the COVID-19 pandemic and economic fallout. FCNL has been lobbying Congress to include many policy provisions in the next COVID-19 bill.

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