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Action Alert The Terrifying Truth 

The president who last night called for making our nuclear arsenal "so strong and so powerful" has the power to launch a nuclear strike on North Korea -- without provocation, without congressional influence, and without warning.

Update #DisarmThePatriarchy 

Our friends at WAND led a Twitter chat on women working for a world free of nuclear weapons. Here's what happened.

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Minute on North Korea 

Meeting on tensions with North Korea passed by Baltimore Yearly Meeting in 2017

Advocacy Resource S 2047 Cosponsors 

Has your Senator signed onto S 2047 as a cosponsor? This legislation would ensure that President Trump cannot launch an unconstitutional attack on North Korea.

Advocacy Resource HR 4140 Cosponsorships 

Has your Representative signed onto H.R. 4140 as a cosponsor? This legislation would ensure that President Trump cannot launch an unconstitutional attack on North Korea.

Background Why We're Speaking Up on North Korea 

Hopes for diplomacy have grown, but the risks of war with North Korea remain all too real.

Letter Letter from 217 Organizations Calling for Female Peacemaker's Participation at the January 2018 Ministerial Meeting on the Korean Conflict in Vancouver 

Dear Ministers: Warm greetings and Happy New Year from peacemakers from around the world. We write to you as representatives of civil society organizations working on a broad range of issues, including peace, social justice, human rights, environment, and women’s rights. We are writing to respectfully request your facilitation of 17 women peacemakers’ participation at the January 16, 2018 Ministerial Meeting on the Korean conflict held in Vancouver, Canada. Many of these women peacemakers represent civil society organizations from countries that fought in the Korean War; they have a responsibility and moral duty to help their governments formally end the 65-year old war diplomatically and peacefully. The delegation of 17 women peacemakers gathered by Women Cross DMZ, Nobel Women’s Initiative, Canadian Voice of Women for Peace, United Church of Canada, and Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF) represent the best of civil society with their broad and diverse expertise, which will be invaluable towards understanding and resolving the longstanding Korean conflict. Their collective wisdom and experience includes conflict resolution, mediation, disarmament, nuclear policy, environment, military operations, humanitarian aid, human rights, international legal frameworks, and economic development.

Background The Consequences of War with North Korea 

In this op-ed, Abigail Stowe-Thurston, the program assistant for nuclear policy at the Friends Committee on National Legislation, and Erin Connolly, the program assistant at the Center for Arms Control and Nonproliferation, urge the U.S. to choose peace in the face of nuclear conflict.

Statement How We Prevent War with North Korea 

We face the most urgent threat of nuclear war in a generation as tensions rise with North Korea -- and we're working relentlessly on Capitol Hill and around the country to advance a different approach to North Korea.

Update Policy Bill Proposes $700 Billion Pentagon Budget, Rejects Efforts to Rein in Wars 

This week, Congress approved a policy bill that proposes a whopping $700 billion in Pentagon spending but rejects limits on the president’s authority to wage war around the world.

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