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Background The Nuclear Threat: A Dirty Bomb 

This year, violent extremists linked to the Islamic State spied on the home and office of a person involved with storing large quantities of dangerous nuclear material. The motive for the surveillance is unknown, but authorities speculate that the group might want the material to use in an attack.

Update Nuclear Weapons: Progress, But an Unfinished Agenda 

President Obama’s visit to Hiroshima in May, the first by a sitting U.S. president, caps an administration that put nuclear disarmament back on the national agenda. Speaking in Hiroshima and Nagasaki at the memorial to those killed by U.S. atomic bombs, President Obama reaffirmed a commitment to disarmament.

Washington Newsletter Washington Newsletter: Nuclear Weapons 

In three areas in particular, FCNL is working to keep U.S. nuclear policies from backtracking on even the modest gains of the past few years: halting modernization of the nuclear arsenal, blocking a new nuclear cruise missile, and supporting nonproliferation funding.

Update The Iran Nuclear Deal One Year Later 

One year after the Iran nuclear deal, FCNL's Middle East lobbyist Kate Gould joined Barbara Slavin of the Atlantic Council on a webinar hosted by Women's Action for New Directions to discuss the challenges and successes of the deal's implementation.

Update How Did Your Rep Vote on Endless War? 

War is not working. We know this much as we watch the carnage in Syria, the collapse of Afghanistan, the ongoing consequences of the U.S. invasion of Iraq and the spread of violent extremist attacks.

FCNL in the News No More Nuclear Weapons Tragedies 

FCNL's Jacob Chappell writes: "President Obama’s visit to Hiroshima provided a searing reminder of the terrible costs of war and particularly of nuclear weapons. My hope is that it refocuses our nation’s attention on the urgency of securing stockpiles of unsecured uranium bomb-grade nuclear materials that could fall into the hands of violent extremists and putting an end to dangerous proposals that could start a new Cold War."

Update Success! Senate Shelves Anti-Diplomacy Move to Block U.S. Purchase of Iran's Heavy Water 

Sen. Tom Cotton's anti-Iran diplomacy amendment to the Senate Energy and Water appropriations bill would have undermined the Iran deal and might have obstructed the deal's successful implementation.

Update The President's Budget First Take: What We Like, What We Want to Change 

We were delighted to see that the budget President Barack Obama sent to Congress Tuesday included programs that would lift half a million people out of poverty, reduce child hunger and provide funding to begin to address the impacts of harmful climate change on the world.

Update Funding for Nuclear Weapons in FY 2017 

The president's FY 2017 budget request was sent to Congress February 9th and many programs received increases in funding that FCNL does not support, but there were also some big wins. The funding for nuclear weapons programs is spent between the Energy Department and the Defense Department.

Update MLK Day and the Iran Deal 

Dr. King told us that peace must not only be seen as a 'distant goal,' but also 'a means by which we arrive at that goal.' This week the possibilities for what peace can accomplish as both a goal AND a means to that goal is on full display in U.S.-Iranian relations.

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