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Update House Votes to Increase Pentagon Spending 

The House of Representatives voted this week for a military policy bill that increases Pentagon spending by $70 billion – a number that is higher than even the $54 billion increase that President Trump has requested.

Update House Votes on Climate, Pentagon Spending, Islamophobia, War in Military Policy Bill 

Every representative in the U.S. House voted on amendments to a military policy bill that could rein in Pentagon spending, put the brakes on a new nuclear arms race, and stop an accidental war with Iran.

Letter Faith Statement on the Nuclear Weapons Ban 

More than 120 nations at the United Nations have adopted a treaty banning nuclear weapons. This is a tremendous step toward a world free of nuclear weapons, and we join with other faith communities in this letter applauding the treaty.

Background Hard Truth on North Korea 

North Korea is an odious regime, offending the vision of equity, justice, and peace that FCNL pursues—but we cannot wish it away. While there are no ideal options, some options are undoubtedly worse than others. Diplomacy and peacebuilding may have their risks, but only they hold a chance of opening a way to a better tomorrow.

Update Bombs and Billionaires over Health and Humanity  

The Pentagon spending bills that have advanced through House and Senate panels have the same vision as the House and Senate “health care” proposals.

Letter Letter Opposing Mixed Oxide (MOX) Fuel Fabrication Facility  

Mixed Oxide Fuel Fabrication Facility (MOX). was designed to convert weapons-grade plutonium into mixed-oxide fuel for U.S. commercial nuclear reactors as part of a diplomatic deal with Russia. However, the program has been immensely expensive and wasteful. This is a letter asking for the termination of the program entirely, as was requested by President Trump’s FY18 budget.

Letter B-21 talking points  

The Defense Department is developing the nuclear capable B-21 “Raider” and working to procure at least 100 new bombers that would begin to enter service in the mid- to late-2020s. Each plane is estimated to cost more than $500 million dollars, but we may not know the total cost because right now Congress may make the price tag a secret. This letter urges Sen. McCain to improve transparency in the cost of the B-21 bomber.

Letter Letter to Congress opposing increases in defense spending 

Today the United States is spending as much on our military as we were at the peak of the Cold War, the Vietnam war, and even World War II, even after accounting for inflation. Nevertheless there is an effort to increase the Pentagon Budget by more that $50 billion dollars. This is a letter to Congress asking members to oppose any increase to Pentagon spending.

Background Why the Paris Decision Matters, No Matter What Issue You Care About  

On June 1, President Trump announced his decision to withdraw the United Stated from the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change’s Paris Agreement.

Update The Trump Budget Would Wildly Inflate Already-Oversized Pentagon Spending 

Make no mistake: this is a war budget, for today and for years to come. It would fund more of everything and anything the Pentagon wants, but it would slash the basic support many struggling Americans need.

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