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Update Update on Native American Advocacy 

February 21, 2018 Conference Call

Listen to the recording of moderator Riley Robinson, Legislative Director for Domestic Policy Amelia Kegan and Native American Advocate Lacina Onco as they discuss the current state of legislation affecting Native peoples.

Update Special Diabetes Program for Indians 

Diabetes affects Native Americans at a higher rate than any other U.S. racial or ethnic group. In recent years, the disease has begun to afflict Native children, as well as adults.

Background A Partner with Native Peoples 

In the 1970s, Nebraska Yearly meeting donated the annual proceeds of a cornfield to launch FCNL’s Native American advocacy program. This (literal) seed money enabled FCNL to create a persistent advocacy effort, building on a long history of concern for Native American affairs.

Update Introducing the Native American Congressional Advocate Program 

The Native American Congressional Advocate program is a two-year fellowship at FCNL for a young professional with a passion for protecting the rights, culture, and future of Native communities to influence federal policies in Washington, DC—and then to bring those skills and relationships back home.

Washington Newsletter Washington Newsletter: Standing Up for Diplomacy 

Diplomacy doesn’t require admiration or even trust between the parties. It does require an orientation toward continuing conversation and a willingness to listen to other perspectives. It is, in its way, a spiritual discipline of endeavoring to speak to the Divine that lives in each of us.

New York Yearly Meeting Indian Affairs Committee Minute on Standing Rock 

Minute on Standing Rock passed by the Indian Affairs Committee of New York Yearly Meeting in 2016

Albuquerque Monthly Meeting Minute on Standing Rock 

Minute on Stand Rock passed by Albuquerque Monthly Meeting in 2016

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Minute on the Doctrine of Discovery 

Minute on the Doctrine of Discovery passed by Baltimore Yearly Meeting in 2012

Letter Faith Leaders Urge Immediate Action on Top Priorities 

Faith leaders from various traditions sent a letter to Congress on January 18 urging immediate action on must-pass priorities for our nation.

Background Topical Index: Native American Legislative Updates 

115th Congress, First Session

Articles that appeared in the Native American Legislative Updates in 2017 - arranged by topic.

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