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Statement Immigration Raids and Increased Enforcement Endanger Communities 

On February 21, the Department of Homeland Security released memorandums instructing the agency to implement the two executive orders that scale up immigration and border enforcement, endangering U.S. communities.

Update Native American Legislative Update 

- February 2017

One month in, and Congress is diving into some complexities. Health care is not that easy to fix, it turns out. And budgets don’t balance when you throw in big spending with tax cuts. It’s all part of the reality check that visits each new Congress as it gets rolling.

Update Report Cards 

Federal relationships with tribes and their members are at "high risk"

Federal agencies don't always get graded -- but when they do, it's usually not a good thing. Federal agencies dealing with Native Americans have repeatedly earned bad marks for the conditions of schools and health facilities, for staffing, for lack of training of agency personnel, and for cumbersome regulations and procedures. Now new reports grade some of these programs as "high risk."

Update Health Care  

-- Repeal, Repair, Replace?

Members of Congress went home to their districts and states over the Presidents' Day recess, and presumably heard a lot about health care. With all its problems, the Affordable Care Act has made health care possible for millions of people. Congress hasn't yet figured out how to respond.

Update Who's Who in Washington Now? 

Many of the new appointees will have some (or major) responsibilities that will affect Indian Country. We're keeping an eye on nominations.

Update Standing Rock 

Who Knew What, and When?

Did the Army Corps of Engineers realized that it was on shaky legal ground in granting a permit to Energy Partners to complete the last segment of the Dakota Access Pipeline? This legal memo, delivered to the Corps in early December, raises some deep questions.

Update Standing Rock: The Sacred Fire Has Been Put to Sleep 

The Standing Rock Sioux tribe has announced that the Sacred Fire of the Seven Councils has been put to sleep. "The movement is in a phase of transition and growth. The encampment brought global attention to our struggle, and now we face the task of carrying that momentum forward..."

Work with FCNL Congressional Advocate on Native American Policy 

A Two-Year+ Professional Fellowship with FCNL

We are seeking candidates for a 27-month fellowship – the Congressional Advocate on Native American Policy – with the Friends Committee on National Legislation in Washington D.C. American Indian and Alaska Native tribal members are strongly encouraged to apply.

Native American Legislative Update -January 

January 2017

A new era is definitely underway in Washington. There’s more bluster from the White House and some hurried activity in Congress (but that part is not new.) One dawning realization is that things really can’t change overnight – not for the better, and not for the worse.

Update Tribal Consultation--and Not 

Three federal agencies that interact with Indian tribes and Alaskan Natives on infrastructure matters were directed by the Obama administration to create a government-wide guidance on appropriate consultation with Indian tribes. They have issued their report. Meanwhile, President Trump has directed the Army Corps of Engineers to “review and approve” the permits sought by Energy Partners to continue the work on the Dakota Access Pipeline.

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