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Update Native American Legislative Update 

During the month of June, we posted several timely articles about the President’s proposed budget, action on appropriations bills, developments on the Bears Ears national monument, and the travels of the health care repeal/reform legislation through Congress. This Legislative Update gathers up those articles and offers a few additional updates.

Update Brief Updates - July 6 

From education and housing assistance, to jobs and water rights, to "Save Oak Flats" and "Safeguard Objects of Traditional Patrimony" -- there's news here.

Update Reforming the Indian Health Service 

The Senate Committee and the House Subcommittee have followed through on their multiple oversight hearings on the Indian Health Service by introducing bills that they hope will fix the problems.

Update Indian Health Care Update 

How the Senate Health Care Bill Would Impact Indian Country

This week, it’s all about health care – repealing the Affordable Care Act and replacing it with... well, something.

Update Future of Bears Ears National Monument? 

“Leave It Just As It Is. You Cannot Improve Upon It.*”

Presidents cannot “un-declare” national monuments that have been acknowledged by their predecessors under the Antiquities Act. But, it turns out, they can change the boundaries and the uses of the protected areas. At President Trump’s behest, Secretary Zinke has set out to do just that.

Update Join with Faith Groups to Support Indian Programs 

-- Stepping Away from Zero

Health care, housing, justice, education, family supports, and economic development – the federal government has trust obligations to support Native American communities in all of these areas. President Trump has proposed deep cuts in almost all of them -- all the way down to zero in some key initiatives.

Update Short Stories on the President's Budget Proposal 

Native American Special Budget Update - June 11, 2017

The administration released a detailed budget in late May. The colorful and energy-filled rhetoric about infrastructure, economic development, and simplifying relationships with the federal government turns to grey when the budget numbers are applied.

Update Tribal Justice  

A Budget Short Story

Amendments to the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) pointed to a bigger role for tribal police, courts and social agencies. Many of these agencies needed - and continue to need - technical assistance, coordination and backup from federal sources - in the Justice Department.

Update Roads on Tribal Lands 

A Budget Short Story

In Indian Country - 160,000 miles of roads. Miles owned by the BIA - 29,000. Miles of BIA roads in "acceptable" condition -- less than 5000.

Update Indian Health Care 

A Budget Short Story

Congress learned, in numerous hearings in the last two years, that short staffing, lack of housing for professional staff, short funding for equipment, buildings, and even basic utilities have added up over the years to an Indian Health Care system that is close to failure in some areas. Yet the need for local, accessible and culturally knowledgeable care is strong as ever. How will this budget respond?

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