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FCNL in the News Kate Gould Quoted in CQ Article on Military Aid to Egypt 

The Pentagon and State Department are not properly vetting Egyptian security forces receiving U.S. training and defense equipment, according to a congressional audit published on Thursday.

Background Frequently Asked Questions on FCNL and Israel-Palestine 

Get additional information about FCNL's position and work for a more peaceful Middle East.

Washington Newsletter Washington Newsletter: Israel-Palestine 

In the midst of a stalemate, FCNL is pressing for U.S. policy steps that could have a big impact on people's lives, improve security, and decrease the divisions that are driving violent extremism.

Update Opening the Door to Peace in Israel-Palestine 

The hypermilitarized U.S. approach to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict needs to change. Unconditional U.S. military aid to Israel — making up 20 percent of Israel's military budget — is part of the problem.

Update Success! Senate Shelves Anti-Diplomacy Move to Block U.S. Purchase of Iran's Heavy Water 

Sen. Tom Cotton's anti-Iran diplomacy amendment to the Senate Energy and Water appropriations bill would have undermined the Iran deal and might have obstructed the deal's successful implementation.

Press Release FCNL Applauds Congressional Letter Backing 'Leahy Law' Application in Israel and Egypt 

The Friends Committee on National Legislation welcomes the congressional letter to Secretary of State John Kerry requesting assurances that the Leahy law restrictions on assistance to foreign security forces are being applied to Israel and Egypt.

Background Treat ISIS Like an Artichoke: A Non-Military Route to the Heart of the Crisis 

FCNL's Kate Gould explain that, to get to the heart of the ISIS crisis, we must press our elected officials and other policy makers to treat ISIS like an artichoke. The most promising way to deal with ISIS is to use non-military means to strip off its overlapping layers of recruits, weapons, and political and financial support.

Statement FCNL Statement for House Homeland Security Hearing on Refugees 

Statement of Yasmine Taeb, Legislative Representative for Human Rights and Civil Liberties, Friends Committee on National Legislation, hearing on: “Crisis of Confidence: Preventing Terrorist Infiltration Through U.S. Refugee and Visa Programs,” House Committee on Homeland Security.

Update Senate Blocks Anti-Refugee Legislation 

Because of the countless letters, calls, and tweets you sent to your senators, the Senate voted to block a dangerous and discriminatory anti-refugee legislation, the so-called “American SAFE Act,” from coming to the Senate floor for a vote.

Update MLK Day and the Iran Deal 

Dr. King told us that peace must not only be seen as a 'distant goal,' but also 'a means by which we arrive at that goal.' This week the possibilities for what peace can accomplish as both a goal AND a means to that goal is on full display in U.S.-Iranian relations.

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