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FCNL in the News Stop the Saudi Slaughter 

The United Nation's recent announcement of a 72 hour truce in Yemen is a step forward, but it is not enough. To stop the bloodshed for more than three days, Washington must fully commit to cutting off weapons transfers if Saudi Arabia refuses to end its war on civilians there.

Update Syria: Diplomacy, Not More War 

With Aleppo burning and war drums beating, it’s more urgent than ever to continue to press for the only way to stop the bloodshed in Syria: an immediate negotiated ceasefire, and ultimately, a political solution to end the crisis.

Update Why We Must Reject a Proposed Religious Test for Refugees 

While there were certainly some dark moments for religious freedom in the early history of the United States, in which Quakers and others were denied the right to practice their faith, the Founding Fathers ultimately came down firmly on the side of religious liberty.

Press Release FCNL Applauds 27 Senators Who Voted to Block Saudi Arms Deal 

While Saudi Arabia bombs hospitals, schools, and other civilian areas in Yemen, the U.S. is set to finalize a $1.15 billion arms deal with Riyadh.

FCNL in the News The $38 Billion U.S. Gift of the Latest Arms to Israel 

FCNL's Kate Gould discuss this increase in the annual taxpayer subsidy for Israel and its arms industry which makes Israel the largest recipient of U.S. aid even though it has a remarkably robust and wealthy economy.

FCNL in the News Humanitarian Aid Efforts in Syria May Make a Difference 

Kate Gould said: “What we’re focused on is changing U.S. policy toward Syria, so that includes supporting a diplomatic solution, de-escalating U.S. involvement and advocating for U.S. policymakers to support generous humanitarian aid."

FCNL in the News A "Safe Zone" in Syria Sounds Like a Great Idea. It Would Be a Disaster 

FCNL's Kate Gould writes: "The goal of a 'safe zone' is a laudable one: to protect civilians from attacks in a designated area. But despite its misleadingly simplistic name, establishing a 'safe zone' in Syria would put civilians in even greater danger and risk prolonging Syria’s bloody nightmare."

Background Greater Middle East 

Since the U.S. overthrow of Iranian Prime Minister Mossadegh in 1952, our nation’s reliance on regime change and militarized approaches to Middle East policy has contributed to growing political instability throughout the region.

Advocacy Resource Love Thy Neighbor 

No Exceptions

Our country is struggling with deep divisions. Amid the blame of and attack on those who are different - in political views, race, religion, country of origin, or sexual orientation - it becomes even more urgent to highlight the value we place in one another. FCNL's #LoveThyNeighbor (No Exceptions) campaign seeks to shift the narrative.

Background Question for Candidates: Support Middle East Diplomacy 

This year, because of U.S.-led diplomacy, Iran no longer has enough fuel to build a nuclear bomb. Yet the kind of sustained diplomacy that led to this agreement does not always have political support in this country.

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