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Update The President's Budget First Take: What We Like, What We Want to Change 

We were delighted to see that the budget President Barack Obama sent to Congress Tuesday included programs that would lift half a million people out of poverty, reduce child hunger and provide funding to begin to address the impacts of harmful climate change on the world.

Update Live Updates from Paris Climate Conference 

FCNL’s Jose Aguto, our Legislative Secretary for Sustainable Energy and Environment, was in Paris for the international climate summit, also known as the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change Conference of Parties 21 (UNFCCC COP21).

Update Hope in Paris 

We hold Paris in the Light. Even as the grief of the deaths, injuries and emotional damage perpetrated by the criminal rampages of terror in Paris on November 13 begin healing, millions of people around the globe are sending their prayers and hopes for action on climate as world leaders convene in Paris beginning November 30.

Background How Can I Foster Bipartisan Climate Action? 

Guided by hope, humility, redemption, and love, we seek to foster constructive bipartisan dialogue and cooperation on climate solutions in Congress.

Background Call to Conscience on Climate Disruption 

Bipartisan congressional action is vital to catalyze the necessary national and global solutions to climate disruption. FCNL's Call to Conscience on Climate Disruption seeks to dissipate the partisan logjam through a faith-filled, non-partisan moral call.

Background Climate Change: Understanding the Science 

To solve the problem of climate change, all of us must face uncomfortable facts. Acknowledging climate change can help muster the moral, spiritual, political, economic and social will to enact solutions now, on a large enough scale, so we can succeed in protecting future generations and our Earth.

Letter 34 National Faith Leaders Support Congressional Dialogue on Climate Change 

Leaders of 34 National Faith Communities around the United States sent a letter to Congress today in support of a resolution introduced by 11 Republican members that commits Congress to studying and addressing climate change, including human activities that have an impact.

Press Release FCNL Praises House Climate Change Resolution 

On the eve of the Pope’s historic visit to Washington, a group of Republican lawmakers called upon Congress to commit to act to address changes in the climate, including efforts to balance the human impacts of climate change.

Statement Statement on Climate Encyclical 

Moral Courage and Climate Change

The Friends Committee on National Legislation joins with people of all faiths who are excited and grateful at the release of Pope Francis’ encyclical “Praised Be: On the Care of our Common Home.”

Letter Over 1500 Organizations Urge Opposition to the TPP 

On May 15, 2015, FCNL led a group of faith-based organizations in sending President Barack Obama, the United States House of Representatives, and the United States Senate a letter questioning the lethal use of drones.

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