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The Graham-Cassidy Health Care Proposal Endangers Millions 

Despite the new name, the Graham-Cassidy health care proposal includes many of the same dangerous health care policies of previous attempts to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

Background Rooting Out White Supremacy in our Nation 

What transpired in Charlottesville, VA unnerves and grieves us. It is a manifestation of fear and hatred that is contrary to the world we seek - a society with justice and equity for all.

FCNL House Parties 

September 23, 2017 Around the Country

Spend a couple of hours with friends finding new motivation and inspiration for the work ahead. We'll broadcast a special training from Washington, DC, and you'll connect with other FCNL advocates in your area.

Statement FCNL Welcomes the Defeat of the Senate Health Care Bill 

FCNL welcomes the defeat of the Senate healthcare bill or “Skinny Repeal” on final passage. The bill was narrowly defeated by 51-49, thanks to the courage of Senators Lisa Murkowski, Susan Collins and John McCain, who crossed party lines to vote NO on a bill that would have devastated millions of families beyond repair.

Action Alert This Is Your Victory 

Thank you! Early Friday morning, the Senate narrowly defeated the final Affordable Care Act repeal bill, leaving the ACA standing for now. This is your victory. Your calls, emails, lobby visits, prayers, and more turned the tide to protect health care.

Background Protecting Medicaid  

A Look Back on Our Summer of Advocacy

Facing the most dangerous threat to America’s health care system in decades, constituents across the country stepped up in a major way. All of those efforts paid off in the early morning hours of July 28, when key GOP votes sunk toxic health care legislation.

Update Power and Persistence 

Nevertheless, we persisted. We lobbied our members of Congress, we marched and we vigiled, we wrote letters to the editor and we prayed. And we won!

Legislative Ask Reject More Money for War, Cuts in Security at Home 

This fall, Congress will make some of the most important and potentially most dangerous decisions about budget priorities and spending that our country has seen in decades.

Action Alert FINAL VOTE: Tell your senators to vote NO on health care bill 

Within roughly the next 24 hours, the Senate will vote on final passage of their health care bill. At this moment, senators are debating on amendments and deciding what that final bill will look like.

Action Alert We Have to Keep Going 

The Senate just passed the motion to proceed to repeal the Affordable Care Act and cut hundreds of billions of dollars from Medicaid.

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