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Advocacy Corps 2018-2019 

Meet the 2018-2019 class of Advocacy Corps Organizers. These 19 young adults from around the U.S. will be organizing their communities to stop the militarization of police.

Update Senator Grassley Conversation on Criminal Justice Reform 

This Tuesday May 22nd, Senator Chuck Grassley joined FCNL at the Quaker Welcome Center to share why he supports sentencing reform. Diane Randall, José Woss, Interfaith Criminal Justice Coalition partners, and his Iowa constituents took part in the dialogue.

Background Question for Candidates: Police Militarization 

Arming local law enforcement agents with grenade launchers, tanks, and guns designed for a battlefield only reinforces the threat that communities, especially communities of color, see in law enforcement.

Background Question for Candidates: Sentencing Reform 

The U.S. incarceration system is unfair, unjust, and expensive. Congress can begin to change this system of mass incarceration by passing the bipartisan Sentencing Reform and Corrections Act.

Update Seeks Series 

A Friend in Washington Project

This Spring, an unconventional Friend in Washington joins FCNL at 205 C. St. Joey Hartmann-Dow is a Young Adult Friend from Philadelphia Yearly Meeting, currently collaborating with FCNL to create a series of comic books about lobbying.

Update For some, gun violence looks like police violence 

Organize against police militarization with Advocacy Corps

Military-style weapons don’t belong in our streets. Not in the hands of civilians who can wreak carnage at a high school with an assault rifle. But also not in the hands of police, who, armed with tanks and grenade launchers, can look and feel more like an occupying force than officers sworn to protect and serve.

Background Fact Sheet: Police Militarization and the 1033 Program 

Learn more about the militarization of U.S. police, the Department of Defense's 1033 program, and FCNL's support for the Stop Militarizing Law Enforcement Act.

Update No More Gun Violence #EnoughIsEnough 

This morning, I put on my coat and joined FCNL staff on the sidewalk facing the Hart Senate Building. For 17 minutes, we joined the hundreds of thousands of school children, teachers, parents and allies all over the world who walked out of their classrooms and places of work, and with their bodies and voices, said enough is enough.

Montana Gathering of Friends Minute on Community Violence 

Minute passed by Montana Gathering of Friends on gun violence in 2018

Press Release 25 Faith Organizations Push for Sentencing Reform in the House Judiciary 

Twenty-five faith organizations sent a letter to the House Judiciary Committee today calling for comprehensive criminal justice reform that includes sentencing reform.

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