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Update Federal Criminal Justice Reforms in the Trump Era 

Mass incarceration is a long and pervasive disease we all live with in the U.S. We’ve lived with it for over 40 years. If you consider its precursors, we have been living with systematic oppression of black and brown bodies for centuries.

Statement Attorney General Pauses Reforms Geared to Curb Institutional Racism and Excessive Force 

The Friends Committee on National Legislation deplores Attorney General Jeff Session's recent decision to pause reforms designed to protect people from militarized policing.

Statement The Attorney General Codifies Mass Incarceration as DOJ Policy  

Mr. Sessions is ordering federal prosecutors to ramp up prosecutions and likely seek heavier sentences on drug crimes.

Update Criminal Justice Reform and the Trump Administration 

Last year, we saw the most robust attempts to reform America’s criminal justice system that the federal government has seen in a generation. Congress nearly brought a comprehensive criminal justice reform bill to the floor.

Legislative Ask Support Sentencing Reform 

Disproportionally long prison sentences for certain crimes, combined with laws that prevent successful re-entry into civilian life, have created a system of mass incarceration that doesn’t work, cost too much and unfairly impacts the poor and people of color.

Statement FCNL Concerned by Nomination of Jeff Sessions for Attorney General 

In a letter to the chair and ranking member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, FCNL expressed concern about Senator Sessions' nomination based on his past positions and statements on religious freedom and refugees, racial discrimination in the criminal justice and voting systems, and immigration.

Update Your Community Lobby Day Stories 

Hundreds of FCNL activists have been lobbying this month: see their stories.

All around the country, members of the FCNL community have been visiting the local offices of their members of Congress and asking them how they will work to #unlockjustice in 2017.

Update Hope in the Face of Injustice 

While Congress didn't take up sentencing reform in 2016, we need to keep pressing for justice. This isn't just a policy -- it's a potential new start for thousands of people locked up with lengthy, unjust sentences.

Press Release FCNL Applauds Homeland Security Advisory Council Vote Urging a Reduction of Privatized Detention 

A strong majority of Homeland Security Advisory Council members voted to phase out private prisons, in a surprising dissent from the group’s draft recommendation to continue DHS use of private prisons.

Update Community Lobby Day: Our Message to Congress 

It's looking unlikely that Congress will vote on Sentencing Reform this year. What should we be saying to them?

Now, more than ever, we need you. Now, more than ever, we need your advocacy, your voice. The election results may have made our work more difficult, but they’ve also made your relationships with your senators and representative more important than ever before.

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