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Urge Congress to Reject the Back the Blue Act  

We are deeply troubled by congressional support and momentum for the Back the Blue Act.

Update DOJ to Funnel More Than $1 billion into Mass Incarceration 

The President’s proposed budget recycles the same failed policies that have devastated communities. The Attorney General recently requested that federal prosecutors charge the highest provable offenses.

Statement Attorney General Sessions Escalates War on Drugs 

Mr. Sessions is directing federal prosecutors to impose overly harsh mandatory minimum sentences on drug crimes further devastating communities that need help.

Mass Incarceration and the Cycle of Poverty 

A fact sheet on why lifting the collateral bans on TANF, SNAP, Pell Grants, and access to affordable housing for federal drug convictions can start the process of ending mass incarceration, poverty, and give opportunity and second chances to a condemned population.

Update We Remember You 

Day of Remembrance of Missing and Murdered Native Women and Girls

May 5 has been chosen as a National Day of Awareness for Missing and Murdered Native Women and Girls. Reps. Chaffetz (UT) and Grijalva (AZ) have proposed a resolution, H. Res. 222, calling on Congress to support the Day.

Update Justice for Native Youth 

The Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Act (JJDPA) is being reauthorized in Congress this spring. How will it work for Native youth?

Update Why We Need Second Chances 

In a new book, Yale Law professor James Forman, calls us to redefine our core values by asking, “What if we strove for compassion, for mercy, for forgiveness? And what if we did this for everybody, including people who have harmed others?”

Update Federal Criminal Justice Reforms in the Trump Era 

Mass incarceration is a long and pervasive disease we all live with in the U.S. We’ve lived with it for over 40 years. If you consider its precursors, we have been living with systematic oppression of black and brown bodies for centuries.

Statement Attorney General Pauses Reforms Geared to Curb Institutional Racism and Excessive Force 

The Friends Committee on National Legislation deplores Attorney General Jeff Session's recent decision to pause reforms designed to protect people from militarized policing.

Statement The Attorney General Codifies Mass Incarceration as DOJ Policy  

Mr. Sessions is ordering federal prosecutors to ramp up prosecutions and likely seek heavier sentences on drug crimes.

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