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Washington Newsletter Protecting Health Care for All 

Affordable health care should be available to everyone. Yet congressional leaders propose to dismantle the network of federal programs that defray health care costs for millions of families, including some of the most vulnerable people in our communities.

Washington Newsletter Race and Economic Justice 

People of color have often been excluded—explicitly or implicitly—from the paths to economic prosperity in our country. These systemic disparities are also a factor in why people of color disproportionately live in poverty, when compared to white Americans.

Washington Newsletter Keeping Food on the Table 

As a nation, we should be talking about to learn from and strengthen effective programs such as SNAP, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, not how to cut them.

Washington Newsletter Building a Just Economy 

We still have a long ways to go toward a just economy—but Congress could make the problems worse. Congressional leaders want to change programs and policies that ensure basic living standards for tens of millions of people, keeping them from falling into, or deeper into, poverty and economic turmoil each year.

Washington Newsletter Washington Newsletter: Finding Common Ground 

The coming weeks and months will not be easy. This election season has, even more than usual, foregrounded our divisions. But now we must take on the real work: finding the common ground that lies beneath.

Washington Newsletter Washington Newsletter: Nuclear Weapons 

In three areas in particular, FCNL is working to keep U.S. nuclear policies from backtracking on even the modest gains of the past few years: halting modernization of the nuclear arsenal, blocking a new nuclear cruise missile, and supporting nonproliferation funding.

Washington Newsletter Washington Newsletter: Israel-Palestine 

In the midst of a stalemate, FCNL is pressing for U.S. policy steps that could have a big impact on people's lives, improve security, and decrease the divisions that are driving violent extremism.

Washington Newsletter Washington Newsletter: Questions for Candidates 

Candidates are working to secure your vote. They’re auditioning, if you will, for the role of your representative, senator, or president. They want to convince you that they are the best candidates for the job — and that gives you opportunities to share with the candidates what matters to you. They’re listening. What are they hearing from you?

Washington Newsletter Washington Newsletter: Building Relationships with Congress 

The partnership between FCNL’s lobbyists in Washington and constituents in the district is powerful. Our staff are knowledgeable about the Washington landscape and work closely with congressional staff on Capitol Hill. But the people with the most influence on a member of Congress are their constituents.

Washington Newsletter Washington Newsletter: Native American Advocacy 

Almost every issue that Congress addresses affects Native American communities — land and natural resources; relations with other governments; and financial resources for education, health care, housing, and economic development.

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