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Advocacy Resource Countering White Supremacy 

Ways to Act

We are called to stand up for justice and love in our communities and with our elected leaders. Here are some ways we can do that.

Advocacy Resource Civility and Smarts in Lobbying 

Lobbying can be frustrating when things don’t go your way, but civility is all-too-rare for many congressional offices, and your gratitude can have a big impact.

Advocacy Resource How to Schedule an In-District Lobby Visit 

Setting up a meeting at your member of Congress' local office can be a lengthy and complicated process, but don’t let this obstacle deter you from doing it! Making an in-person lobby visit is one of the most effective ways to communicate your concerns to your member of congress.

Advocacy Resource Take Action From Afar 

Since politicians must answer to their district or state at the end of the day, congressional offices tend to prioritize the opinions of constituents over those who aren’t from their district.

Advocacy Resource Advocating Outside the Box 

As congressional staff attempt to serve the needs of hundreds or thousands of people, it can be easy to get lost in the crowd. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box when it comes to making impressions.

Advocacy Resource Stand With Refugee Neighbors This Summer 

To support you in your advocacy, we have compiled a set of resources to help you post about refugee issues on social media, write letters to your local paper, and tell your members of Congress that our communities welcome people in need.

Advocacy Resource Step Seven: Go Lobby! 

It's almost time to lobby! Before you head to the office, make sure that you don't forget the following things:

Advocacy Resource How to Take Action on Health Care During the July Recess 

This July 4 week is another critical week for the future of health care and the Medicaid program. What members of Congress hear when they’re home this week will determine whether the Senate's bill moves forward -- taking away health care from 22 million people and decimating the Medicaid program.

Advocacy Resource The Importance of Building Relationships with Congress 

Now that you’ve met with your congressional office and advocated, what can you do next? As a peacebuilding lobbyist, FCNL’s Theo Sitther has plenty of experience building relationships with politicians and their staff.

Advocacy Resource Medicaid Fact Sheet Sources 

In our state Medicaid Fact Sheets, we explain how each state will be impacted by cuts to Medicaid. Below are the statistics referenced in each section:

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