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Action Alert Hours to Protect Health Care 

All 435 representatives are preparing to vote on whether to end the Medicaid program as we know it and repeal the Affordable Care Act. Call your members of Congress today to urge them to vote no on the American Health Care Act.

Action Alert Tell Congress: Militarism Is Not Our Priority 

President Donald Trump today proposed a budget that would diminish government by cutting programs that serve people in every community while pouring tens of billions of dollars into the Departments of Defense and Homeland Security.

Action Alert 17 Republicans just spoke out on climate. Help us find the 18th. 

Today, 17 members of Congress brought me a moment of hope for our climate. They re-introduced a resolution acknowledging the human causality of climate change and the necessity for congressional action.

Action Alert Stop New Nuclear Warheads 

Support Senator Markey's legislation to limit funding for an unnecessary, destabilizing nuclear cruise missile.

Action Alert Congress Voting Soon to Repeal Affordable Care Act 

Congress is moving fast to strip health coverage from low-income and vulnerable people, making health care far less affordable than even before the ACA. They're working to pass the bill into law before Friday, April 7, and every member of Congress is deciding how they'll vote right now.

Action Alert Stop Muslim Ban 2.0 

On March 6, President Trump signed a revised version of the Muslim ban executive order from January. But make no mistake: This new executive order still discriminates against Muslims and bars refugees from entering our country.

Action Alert We Can’t Achieve Peace by Funding War 

For the U.S. to achieve "peace, wherever peace can be found" as President Trump recommended in his address to Congress, we need to strengthen USAID and the State Department -- the agencies that promote peace, diplomacy, and international development.

Action Alert Am I Next? 

The Impact of Immigration Raids

Every day, I hear of new incidents of immigration raids in communities across the United States, including in my home of Staten Island. In these uncertain times, I cannot help thinking, ‘Am I next?’

Action Alert Stand Up for Religious Freedom and Refugee Protection 

The recent executive order suspending refugee resettlement and barring the entry of individuals from seven Muslim‐majority countries goes against our core values of welcome, religious freedom, and assistance to those most in need. Congress should act to support legislation to rescind this executive order.

Action Alert We're Winning on Health Care, But... 

We've made huge progress in protecting access to affordable health care for people in our country. Congress is backing away from immediate repeal of the Affordable Care Act. But we still have work to do.

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