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Action Alert Ohio: Ask Senator Portman to Protect Medicaid 

A message to Ohioans from Executive Secretary Diane Randall

Action Alert Stand up for Peaceful Protest in Palestine 

Call on your Representative to defend Issa Amro

For over a decade, Palestinian activist Issa Amro and his organization Youth Against Settlements have used nonviolent resistance to peacefully challenge the Israeli occupation in his hometown of Hebron. He now faces politically motivated charges designed to shut down his calls for Palestinian freedom and an end to occupation. Call now to stand with Issa!

Action Alert Senate Moving Fast on Health Care 

Don't sit this one out. Senators are moving fast to try and vote on a bill that cuts Medicaid by hundreds of billions of dollars -- an essential program that provides health care coverage for 69 MILLION people nationwide. This is an "all hands on deck" moment.

Action Alert Urge Congress to Reject the Back the Blue Act  

We are deeply troubled by congressional support and momentum for the Back the Blue Act.

Action Alert Tell Congress: Block Weapons of Mass Starvation 

Write an LTE to block a bomb sale to Saudi Arabia

Your voice matters to urge your senators to vote against this arms deal to Saudi Arabia – and against U.S.-backed atrocities in Yemen.

Action Alert Call Your Senators: Block Bombs to Saudi Arabia 

Your senators will vote the week of June 12 on whether to block bombs to Saudi Arabia, which are being used to kill civilians in Yemen. Your calls to the Senate are crucial to ensure the Senate sends a strong message to challenge this deadly war.

Action Alert Will Your Senator Speak Out to Prevent Atrocities and Genocide? 

The newly-introduced Elie Wiesel Genocide and Atrocities Prevention Act will expand the U.S. government’s ability to stop violent conflict before it starts.

Action Alert Devastating Health Care Bill Passes House 

On to the Senate. We’re heartbroken and outraged that hundreds of representatives supported health care legislation that would force more people to choose between life-saving medical care and crushing debt or bankruptcy. If passed into law, it would end Medicaid as we know it, eliminate key patient protections, and eliminate coverage for 24 million people.

Action Alert Urgent Health Care Update 

On May 4, 2017, the House of Representatives voted to repeal key patient protections, end Medicaid as we know it, and eliminate coverage for 24 million people.

Action Alert The AHCA Is Back -- And Much Worse 

Leaders in the House of Representatives have just reached a deal on a revised -- even worse -- bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act, and they're moving fast.

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