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  1. Background Responding to the Coronavirus 

    The coronavirus pandemic is a generational threat, and its impacts will be felt by all of us. But know this: Our work for peace and justice will go on. Here’s how we will continue our advocacy in the face of COVID-19 and how you can join us.

  2. Press Release FCNL Congratulates House on Savanna’s Act and Not Invisible Act Passage 

    Washington, DC – The Friends Committee on National Legislation (FCNL) applauded yesterday’s passage of both Savanna’s Act (H. R. 2733) and the Not Invisible Act of 2019 (H.R.2438) by the full House of Representatives.

  3. Statement The Path Towards Positive Peace 

    2020 International Day of Peace

    As we confront systemic racism, climate change, an economic crisis, sharpening political divisions and the threat of a pandemic, I welcome the International Day of Peace as an opportunity to reflect and recommit to global cooperation and peace.

  4. Update Climate-Exacerbated Disasters Underscore the Need for Climate Legislation 

    The news the past few weeks has been hard, as we learn about climate-exacerbated disaster after disaster – from Hurricane Laura, one of the strongest storms to ever hit the United States, to the massive wildfires raging across the West, to record breaking temperatures across the Southwest. The impacts of these events are worsened by historic and ongoing racism, and the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Native American Legislaive Update September 2020: Native American Legislative Update 

Welcome to FCNL's Native American Legislative Update! The NALU is a monthly newsletter about FCNL's Native American policy advocacy and ways for you to engage your members of Congress. FCNL's Congressional Advocate for Native American policy is Kerri Colfer (Tlingit).

Update It’s Time for Congress to Put an End to U.S. Complicity in the Saudi-Led War on Yemen 

It’s difficult to overstate the severity of the humanitarian crisis in Yemen.

Update 75 Years Later, It's Time to Call for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons 

I am alive today because my grandmother grew up in Shiga, Japan instead of her mother’s home of Hiroshima. I am alive today because my grandfather happened to be away from his Nagasaki school visiting family in Kyoto on Aug. 9, 1945. My family—those who were not killed by the U.S. atomic bombings—collectively survived not one but two nuclear weapon attacks, the only ones in history.

Event Holding Candidates Accountable 

Online | Oct. 6 at 8:00 p.m. EDT

Everyone is talking about the upcoming elections, and for good reason: We have the opportunity to elect lawmakers who will support us in Congress.

FCNL in the News Hassan El-Tayyab Joins WPFW to Discuss the Middle East 

FCNL's lead Middle East lobbyist, Hassan El-Tayyab, joined WPFW on Sept. 22 to discuss the recent Israeli peace deals and other developments in the Middle East.

Statement FCNL Opposes Snapback Sanctions on Iran and Urges a Return to Diplomacy  

FCNL opposes the administration’s efforts to reimpose UN sanctions on Iran and to undermine and formally kill the Iran nuclear deal.

Statement Contrasting Use of Power 

I was deeply moved to visit the Supreme Court last Sunday, along with hundreds of others paying tribute to Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. The mood was solemn and reverent for this woman who let her life speak—as an attorney working for civil rights, as a Supreme Court Justice, and as a family woman.

Update Oregon Is Burning, and Its Helicopters Are in Afghanistan 

Nearly one million acres of Oregon’s forests have burned since wildfires intensified on Labor Day.

Press Release Quaker Lobby Supports Global Peacebuilders’ Call to Re-Commit to Peace 

Washington, DC – The Friends Committee on National Legislation (FCNL) today joined more than 170 peacebuilding organizations in an urgent call to action for global peace. The statement notes crisis responses that increase violence, injustice, and exclusion often worsen development losses and increase human suffering. Therefore, a focus on peace and justice must be at the heart of a global response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Statement The Time is Now: Re-Commit to Peace 

Sept. 21 marks the International Day of Peace and 2020 is the 75th anniversary of the signing of the UN charter. To mark the occasion, the Quaker United Nations Office led FCNL and more than 170 peacebuilding organizations from around the world in calling on the international community to recommit to the founding vision of the United Nations: international peace and friendly relations among nations.

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