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Background Why Do Quakers Care About Politics? 

Friends have always been very active in addressing our government and its rule. In this QuakerSpeak video, we ask Marge Abbott and Noah Baker Merrill why Quakers care about politics.

Understanding the Process: Setting Legislative Priorities 

A distinctive feature of the Friends Committee on National Legislation is our practice of asking Quakers around the country to help shape our work.

Background How Mysticism Informs Quaker Activism 

In this QuakerSpeak video, Jennie Isbell explores her journey from skepticism into activism.

Work with FCNL Visiting Friends 

When Faith and Witness Find Feet

FCNL Visiting Friends engage with nearby meetings and churches, sharing how Quaker advocacy and FCNL can help Friends live out their own faith through action. As a Visiting Friend, you will invite Friends to take spirit-led action in meaningful and effective ways, and connect Friends with opportunities to witness for the World We Seek.

Background A Quaker Lobbyist on Capitol Hill 

In this QuakerSpeak video, Ruth Flower discusses her decades of work with FCNL. Whether it’s world peace, climate change, poverty, or justice, Ruth has lobbied Congress about it. And she wants you to become a lobbyist, too.

FCNL and QuakerSpeak 

We partnered with Friends Journal for the second season of QuakerSpeak. Here's what happened.

Background A Quaker in the Texas House of Representatives 

For 18 years, Lon Burnam was a member of the Texas House of Representatives. He is also a Quaker and a pacifist. In this QuakerSpeak video, he shares his story.

Update Impact of Government Surveillance on Muslim Americans and Communities of Color 

Edward Snowden’s WikiLeaks revelations sparked widespread media attention around NSA data collection and government surveillance

Background How to Teach Civics in a Quaker School 

The way we teach civics matters. In this QuakerSpeak video, Carolina Friends School teacher Randall Williams shows how Quaker School teachers can engage students by showing civics in action.

Statement Joint Quaker Statement on Burundi: Standing for Peace and Reconciliation 

The Friends Committee on National Legislation has been working for constructive U.S. policy in order to respond to grievances and prevent future violence in Burundi. Elections scheduled for this summer have proven to be flashpoint for violent conflict.

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