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Background Ramp Up Bilateral and Multilateral Diplomatic Efforts 

Peace in Afghanistan: Issue Brief #2

Before the most recent talks, the United States had other key opportunities across its nearly twenty-year war in Afghanistan to facilitate a negotiated settlement but squandered each of them, prolonging the violence and losing more leverage along the way.

Background Support Full Military Withdrawal from Afghanistan 

Peace in Afghanistan: Issue Brief #1

The United States-Taliban deal—parts of which remain secret—envisions the withdrawal of all U.S. and NATO troops from Afghanistan, in exchange for assurances that the Taliban will not allow Afghanistan to harbor terrorist groups that threaten the United States. Because the deal was negotiated without any participation by the Afghan government or Afghan civil society, it sets the terms for a U.S. military exit without setting the stage for peace.

Washington Newsletter Washington Newsletter: Wars and Weapons Will Not Save Us 

Seven hundred and fifty billion dollars. That’s roughly how much the United States is spending annually on weapons and war. About $35 billion of that is for nuclear weapons, which, in a best-case scenario, sit in holes in the ground and never get used.

Advocacy Resource Lobby Congress From Home  

Make your voice heard safely and effectively. Organize your own virtual lobby visit!

Congress needs to hear your voice, especially during this unprecedented national quarantine. Now is the time to lobby “virtually” via your home phone or computer!

Work with FCNL Legislative Representative for Sustainable Energy & Environment 

The Friends Committee on National Legislation (FCNL), an established Capitol Hill Quaker lobbying organization, is seeking a senior lobbyist to strategically advance FCNL polices for achievable legislative change for our Energy and Environment program.

Legislative Ask The NDAA Must Prevent Unauthorized War with Iran 

The United States and Iran are moving closer to war every day. Iran’s provocative naval maneuvers and the U.S. response could easily lead to an accidental military confrontation.

Update My Continuing FCNL Journey 

I became a Quaker because of FCNL. Part of that story is personal, tied to the people I have met through this work, including my fellow intern and now husband. FCNL has introduced me to communities and people who are now, quite literally, my family.

Update Five Reasons You and Your Friends Should Vote 

Do you remember the 2016 election? With two candidates that had seemingly nothing in common and almost opposite policies, there was a lot at stake.

Background There’s No Weapons System that Can Defeat COVID-19 

Q&A with Dr. Alex Stark

Dr. Alex Stark is clerk of the FCNL policy committee. She works as senior researcher at New America Foundation. Dr. Stark worked as a research fellow at Harvard University’s Middle East Initiative and the United States Institute of Peace. She was an FCNL Young Fellow, 2011-2012.

Background Friends Discuss the Future of Quakerism 

In April, 225 Friends gathered online for the event, “The Future of Quakers.” The conversation focused on several queries, including what Friends have to offer during this pandemic and how inward transformation can grow prophetic ministries.

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