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Background Economic Justice 

We believe that God dwells in each human soul. Each person has the right to live a life of dignity with access to basic necessities in a safe and sustainable environment.

Background Mandatory Minimum Sentences 

Mandatory minimum sentences—laws that require binding prison terms for certain crimes—are one reason so many people are behind bars in the U.S. today.

Letter FCNL Opposes New Detention Center in Dilley, TX 

A letter from 168 organizations opposing the establishment of a new family detention center in Dilley, TX.

Work with FCNL Meeting Contacts 

FCNL's grassroots network includes hundreds of Quaker meetings and churches around the country.

Work with FCNL Summer Internship 

Program Resumes in 2021

Work at FCNL’s office in Washington, DC throughout June and July to advance our witness for peace on Capitol Hill. FCNL offers several paid summer internships that provide a broad introduction to federal policy, grassroots organizing, and nonprofit management.

Letter To Congress: Release Legal Basis for Islamic State Strikes 

A letter urging congress to release documents and memoranda establishing the legal framework supporting the use of military force on the Islamic State.

Update Race and (In)Justice in Ferguson 

Ferguson, MO, a small suburb outside of St. Louis, has been the recent spotlight of national media attention. The brutal killing of Michael Brown, an unarmed black teenager by Ferguson police, sparked a wave of community uproar.

Background Change the Name: Washington Football Team 

FCNL opposes the Washington Football Team's continued usage of a racial slur in their team name.

Update Drone Warfare Is Still War 

Yesterday, President Obama delivered a lofty foreign policy speech at West Point in which he announced his vision for American counterterrorism policy post-Afghanistan.

Update Interview: Tracy Edmonds, Grassroots Lobbyist 

Tracy Edmonds describes himself as “just a regular guy.” He works as a software engineering manager at Cisco Systems and lives in the San Francisco Bay area with his wife, Beth Edmonds, and their two teenage daughters.

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