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Letter Faith Groups Urge Robust Funding for Environmental Protection 

On June 17th, FCNL was one of 13 religious organizations that signed a letter to the House of Representatives, urging an appropriations package that provides robust funding for the Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Interior and does not include any anti-environmental riders.

Letter 62 Organizations Urge Congress to Prevent War with Iran 

FCNL signed a letter with 61 partner organizations asking Congress to stop the march to war with Iran.

Letter 45 Groups Urge Congress to End U.S. Support for War in Yemen 

On June 3, FCNL joined 45 advocacy groups in sending a letter to Congress calling for an end to U.S. participation in the Saudi-UAE coalition's war in Yemen. during consideration of the 2020 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) and Defense Appropriations bills.

Letter Quaker Lobby Urges Support for U.S. Resettlement Ahead of World Refugee Day 

That the U.S. has historically been the largest destination for refugee resettlement is a testament to our nation's long, proud history as a beacon of hope for those who seek lives free from violence and oppression. This month, in honor of World Refugee Day on June 20, FCNL is participating in a letter-a-day campaign to hold the administration accountable to restoring the U.S. resettlement program.

Letter More than 100 Organizations Call on Congress to Reject Proposal to Weaken Firearm Export Controls 

The administration proposal would “thwart congressional oversight and create new and unacceptable risks of exacerbating gun violence, human rights abuses, and armed conflict.”

Letter Over 50 Groups Urge Senators to Prohibit Unauthorized Military Action in Venezuela 

On May 9, 2019, FCNL and over 50 faith-based, anti-war, and other concerned organizations wrote a letter urging senators to cosponsor S.J.Res.11, which prohibits unauthorized military intervention in Venezuela.

Letter FCNL Urges Accountability on Civilian Casualties 

On May 2, 2019, FCNL along with human rights, civil liberties, transparency, and other faith-based organizations, sent a letter to the Chairs and Ranking Members of the House and Senate Armed Services Committees urging members of Congress to strengthen oversight, transparency, and accountability for U.S. lethal strikes and resulting civilian casualties.

Letter Dozen of NGOs Speak Out Against the New "Low-Yield" Nuke 

FCNL and a coalition of NGOs sent a letter to Sen. Jack Reed (RI), ranking member on the Senate Armed Services Committee, asking him to deny funding for and bar deployment of the new W76-2 "low-yield" nuclear warhead.

Letter Faith Groups to Congress: Prioritize Human Needs, Not Immigration Enforcement 

As the appropriations process for 2020 begins, FCNL joined 30 national, faith-based organizations in calling on Congress to recognize its moral obligation to allocate federal funds in a manner that prioritizes human needs, rather than expanding immigration enforcement measures that attack children, families, and workers.

Letter FCNL Joins 30 National Religious Organizations Calling on Congress to Support H.R. 9.  

H.R. 9, the Climate Action Now Act, would prevent the Trump administration from using any funds to withdraw from the vital Paris Climate Agreement. It would also require the administration to develop plans to meet our emissions reductions goals in the agreement.

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