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Letter 22 Senators Show Their Support for Refugee Resettlement 

This week, more than twenty senators signed a letter urging appropriators to fully fund our nation's refugee resettlement program for the upcoming year. This funding is necessary to ensure that our government can continue to provide services for refugees already in this country, as well as for individuals and families yet to arrive.

Letter 197 Organizations Call on President Obama to Rescind NSEERS 

Members of President-elect Trump's transition team have suggested that the Trump administration might reinstate NSEERS, a discriminatory system that functioned as a registry for Muslim immigrants. In this letter, FCNL and nearly 200 other organizations ask President Obama to take action to ensure that this does not happen.

Letter 19 Interfaith Organization Request Funding for International Relief and Development Funds 

19 religious bodies and faith-based organizations committed to ending extreme poverty and promoting the dignity, urge Congress to fund international humanitarian, poverty-focused development, and peacebuilding assistance programs in FY 2017 at equal or higher funding levels as those enacted in fiscal year 2016.

Letter Letter to President Obama on Nuclear No-First-Use policy 

22 Members of Congress have signed this letter calling on President Obama to enact a No-First-Use policy, pledging that the United States will only use nuclear weapons in response to a nuclear attack.

Letter Reject a Religious Test for Refugees 

Executive Secretary Diane Randall wrote a letter to Senator Ted Cruz (TX) in response to remarks he made during a Senate Judiciary hearing on the U.S. Refugee Resettlement Program.

Letter Refugee Crisis Highlights Need to Prevent Violent Conflict 

Human rights and humanitarian organizations call on the administration and Congress to focus efforts on preventing violent conflict in light of the global refugee crisis.

Letter Over 135 Organizations Urge President Obama to Lead on Refugee Protection, Assistance, and Resettlement 

In advance of the September 20th U.S.-led Leaders’ Summit on Refugees, FCNL joined over 135 organizations and faith communities in urging President Obama to demonstrate global leadership by making bold new commitments to refugee protection, assistance, and solutions, including increased U.S. resettlement.

Letter Cut Pentagon Spending in FY 2017 NDAA 

The positions laid out in this coalition letter safeguard taxpayer dollars from wasteful practices and allow for greater openness in the weapons procurement process.

Letter 44 Organizations Urge Congressional Action on Atrocities Prevention Following Executive Order 

Forty four non-governmental organizations, write to urge Congress to act by passing the bipartisan Genocide and Atrocities Prevention Act, S.2551, which would provide the necessary authorities, oversight and resources to successfully implement a comprehensive atrocities prevention agenda.

Letter FCNL Supports Executive Order on Genocide and Atrocities 

Executive Secretary Diane Randall writes to Senators in support of the Genocide and Atrocities Prevention Act

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