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Your Community Lobby Day Stories

Hundreds of FCNL activists have been lobbying this month: see their stories.

December 13, 2016

All around the country, members of the FCNL community have been visiting the local offices of their members of Congress and asking them how they will work to #unlockjustice in 2017.

Constituents with Rep. Dent in PA

Pennsylvania Delegation

Friends brought together a large group of constituents to see Rep. Dent: it included Quakers, students from Lehigh University, employees of the county Department of Corrections, and faith leaders.

FCNL Constituents with Rep. Susan Brooks

Indiana Delegation

Members of the Indiana Advocacy Team met with Rep. Susan Brooks.

In Georgia, Friends made over 50 calls to their senators in support of criminal justice reform, and one Friend set up a table at Atlanta Friends meeting in order to teach Friends about the issue and ask them to make a call.

Californians in Senator Feinstein's office

California Delegation

Two groups met with Senator Feinstein's staff at the same time: one group in San Francisco, and another in Los Angeles. The Los Angeles group included members of the Advocacy Teams, Advocacy Corps, FCNL's General Committee, and more!

Wisconsin Constiteunts with Rep Moore

Wisconsin Delegation

Members of the Wisconsin Advocacy Teams met with Rep. Gwen Moore.

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