1. Washington Newsletter

Washington Newsletter: Finding Common Ground

August 10, 2016

The coming weeks and months will not be easy. This election season has, even more than usual, foregrounded our divisions. But now we must take on the real work: finding the common ground that lies beneath.

Background The Possibilities 

We recognize that building peace and countering injustice require systemic change as well as personal change. This change requires us to be directly involved as constituents. It requires us to evaluate the candidates and vote for the people we believe are best qualified to lead our country and to govern fairly—even if those candidates don’t represent us on every issue.

Update The Power of a Question 

FCNL Advocacy Teams

We’re approaching peak campaign season for the 2016 election. While the presidential contenders are getting the most attention, other candidates are also vying for your vote. Fourteen states will elect governors this year. Thirty-four states will elect a senator. And every congressional district — all 435 of them — has a House race on the ballot.

Update Join Me to Lobby for Sentencing Reform 

We are living under systems that seek to militarize law enforcement with weapons of war, systems coated in the nation’s stain of our original sin of slavery, and systems that seek to control and contain specific communities. Those communities are overwhelmingly black and brown. And. They. Matter.