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The Quaker Welcome Center Takes Shape

Steel in the Ground

August 7, 2017

In recent months, the FCNL office has been noisier than usual, with the sounds of rumbles, bangs, and crashes adding to the usual hum of conversation. The extra noise, coming from the renovation work next door, is a source of gratitude.

It shows the progress in transforming the building at 205 C St, NE into the Quaker Welcome Center on Capitol Hill.

Advocacy Corps in front of the Quaker Welcome Center

Advocacy Corps organizers in front of the Quaker Welcome Center (under construction). Emily Sajewski / FCNL

Since work began in November, we’ve made considerable progress. We’ve gutted the original row house and put in place new framing, wiring, and plumbing, with more changes visible every day as we see the new Quaker Welcome Center take shape.

Throughout construction, FCNL has focused on living out our commitment for an earth restored. The demolition process met with high environmental standards, and the choices of construction and design materials have reflected our goal of creating a green and carbon-neutral building.

We plan to open the Quaker Welcome Center in early October and look forward to welcoming many visitors to the new space.

  • Out-of-town travelers will learn to lobby in FCNL’s prophetic, persistent, and powerful manner, preparing them to walk across the street to their congressional offices.
  • Policymakers will find space for dialogue and off-the-record conversation.
  • Community members will join us for regular silent reflection in the manner of Friends.
  • Participants in the Friend in Washington program will occupy one of the building’s apartments, enabling them to lend their experience and passion to FCNL’s work.

We are grateful to everyone who has supported this renovation. Your generous contributions make it possible for FCNL to grow our presence on Capitol Hill, strengthening our ability to build relationships with visitors and policymakers in service of the world we seek.

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