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The House Passed H.R. 1 – What Comes Next?

By José Santos Woss, March 7, 2019

Exciting news! The House just passed the most sweeping election integrity bill that we’ve seen in nearly two decades. The For The People Act (H.R. 1) contains major reforms to campaign finance, voting, and ethics rules.

Strengthen Our Democracy

Act Now 

The Senate must now act on this omnibus package.

There are elements of this package that Democrats and Republicans can both support, such as the need to address election security and foreign tampering in our elections. Other pivotal areas include strengthening the Voting Rights Act; matching small donor contributions to empower everyday individuals in our elections; eliminating gerrymandering; and ending voter suppression.

Take Action

With House passage for the For the People Act (H.R. 1), the Senate can now take up Sen. Tom Udall’s (NM) Senate companion bill or it can take a more piecemeal approach by passing parts of H.R. 1. Either way, the Senate must act. The status quo is unsustainable. The integrity of our elections is harmed when campaigns are directed and funded by the largest donors; politicians can pick their voters; or local officials can create sophisticated measures to make it harder to vote.

Reach out to your Senators and urge them to take action now that the House has passed a bill. Act now.

Learn More

On March 12, I joined Jim Cason, FCNL’s associate executive secretary for strategic advocacy, for a briefing about next steps for H.R. 1. Watch the recording:

Background The For the People Act  

Bill Analysis of H.R. 1

On the second day of the 116th Congress, the new House Democratic introduced a major piece of legislation to address election integrity. The bill’s main components focus on voting and election laws, campaign finance, and ethics.

José Santos Woss

  • Legislative Manager, Criminal Justice and Election Integrity

José is the Legislative Manager for Criminal Justice and Election Integrity. He leads FCNL’s work on criminal justice reform, campaign finance reform (election integrity), and police militarization. He helps to lead the Interfaith Criminal Justice Coalition, an alliance of more than 40 national faith groups advocating to end mass incarceration.