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Thank You Senators Paul and Booker for Bringing Attention to Human Rights in Nigeria

June 15, 2017

Members of the Nigeria Working Group thank Senator Paul and Senator Booker for their efforts to bring attention to needed human rights responsiveness from various actors in Nigeria.

June 14, 2017

Dear Senator Booker and Senator Paul,

We, the signed members of the Nigeria Working Group, would like to applaud your efforts to bring attention to needed human rights responsiveness from various actors in Nigeria. We thank you for your call for more robust due diligence by the Department of State relating to the proposed sale of militarized aircraft to Nigeria’s government.

We agree that at a minimum training on the proposed weapons platforms and follow through from officials on responding to internal reports and calls for justice must be met. We are grateful for your leadership in raising these issues.

Human rights must remain a corner stone of foreign policy.

By conditioning the sale on the State Department’s need to have the Nigerian government show credible, demonstrable progress on human rights violations by its armed forces you have reasserted the central role of human rights in US foreign policy. Your leadership is an important step to protect the US from being complicit in the possible commission of human rights violations and further instability in Nigeria and across the African continent. You have sent a clear message to the Nigerian authorities that the manner in which they conduct their counter insurgency matters.

We thank you for providing an opportunity for the Nigerian government to demonstrate an ability protect the rights and the safety of its people. We look forward to being a resource where needed for your efforts to ensure that the United States continues to be a positive force for human rights and stability globally.

Much Gratitude,

21st Century Wilberforce Initiative

The Church of the Brethren, Office of Public Witness

Amnesty International

Peace Direct


Friends Committee on National Legislation

Center for Civilians in Conflict

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