1. Update

Ten Young Fellows Join FCNL for 2019-2020

September 23, 2019

Ten new college graduates recently joined FCNL staff as the 2019-2020 Young Fellows. During their fellowship, they will work as program assistants with FCNL staff to build their advocacy expertise.

FCNL Young Fellows holding a Love They Neighbor sign

This year’s Young Fellows and their programs are:

  • Alex Frandsen, Communications
  • Alicia Cannon, Sustainable Energy & Environment
  • Bobby Trice, Quaker Outreach
  • Don Chen, Militarism & Human Rights
  • Joe D’Antonio, Criminal Justice & Election Integrity
  • Karla Molinar-Arvizo, Immigration & Refugee Policy
  • Monica Montgomery, Nuclear Disarmament & Pentagon Spending
  • Parissa Joukar, Middle East Policy
  • Rachel Stromsta, Peacebuilding
  • Sergio Mata-Cisneros, Young Adult Outreach

“I’m constantly learning from FCNL experts how to lobby effectively and grounded in principles I believe,” said Karla Molinar-Arvizo, who works on immigration and refugee policy. “I hope other young people have the opportunity to be developed in the same way I have through FCNL.”

This year’s Young Fellows come from eight states. They graduated with majors in political theology, media policy, journalism, peace studies, political science, international studies, and social work.

The fellows bring experience gained through various internships and jobs in college. This includes establishing the New Mexico Dream Team, working as a correspondent for The Boston Globe, teaching in Taiwan with a Fulbright grant, establishing a campus radio station, and interning for Republican and Democratic members of Congress.

“The Young Fellows program is a key component of our commitment to learn from and train the next generation of advocates,” said Diane Randall, FCNL executive secretary. “They are our emerging leaders as we continue to seek a world of peace, justice, and a sustainable planet.”

The fellows will travel to selected parts of the country to recruit participants to Spring Lobby Weekend and new applicants for the Young Fellows program.

The Young Fellows is one of the four Young Adult programs at FCNL. The others are the Advocacy Corps, summer internships, and Spring Lobby Weekend. These programs started as internships in 1970 to help young Quakers frustrated with the Vietnam War.

More than 300 young adults have been trained through these programs and more will be trained as part of FCNL’s five-year Forward Plan.