1. Background

Staying Engaged as a Quaker Young Person

March 31, 2016

In this QuakerSpeak video, Young Adult Friends discuss their relationships with FCNL and Quakerism. They talk about finding spiritual homes in Quaker meetings, and staying engaged throughout their twenties and thirties.

Young Adult Friends Annie Boggess, Anthony Smith, and Emily Temple share their stories of finding — or returning to — Quaker community in their twenties and thirties.

"What has kept me engaged as a Young Adult Friend and in Quaker institutions and Quaker life is the values that I have learned from those communities: Despite how jaded you could feel by the work that still needs to be done in the world, there is something to be hopeful for. There's a lot that is worth working that hard for, and quite simply there is no one else to do this work if we're not going to do it."

-Emily Temple

This QuakerSpeak video was produced in a partnership between FCNL and Friends Journal.