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Quakers Push for Immediate Action as Weekend Mass Shootings Claim 31 More Lives

August 5, 2019

As the country reels from three mass shootings in one week, the Friends Committee on National Legislation (FCNL) urges policymakers to take every available step to reduce the harm and loss of life caused by guns.

Contact: Kristen Y. Archer, Friends Committee on National Legislation, media@fcnl.org; 202-812-2223

The following is a statement by Diane Randall, executive secretary of the Quaker lobby, FCNL:

“We are saddened and angry at the terrible carnage this week—preventable deaths that serve as gruesome reminders of the dangerous toll guns take in our country every day. We must not stop at thoughts and prayers. Time is up for congressional inaction on gun violence prevention.

“There are approximately 100 gun deaths every day in our country. Because of the inaction of our lawmakers, individuals in the U.S. die at much higher rates from guns than any other country in the world. This volume of gun violence is not normal. It is sickening. We should not have to live in a world where people are afraid of running everyday errands, praying in their house of worship, or going to a concert.

“After so many preventable acts of gun violence this year, the fact that Congress continues to do nothing is abhorrent. At the very least, the Senate must pass the Bipartisan Background Checks Act of 2019 (S. 42). From suicide and domestic violence prevention, to domestic terrorism and violence in our communities, implementing universal background checks for every firearm purchase or transfer is about the basic human right to safety.

“As Quakers, we believe that the power of love and the force of truth can make change in this country. Hate, fear and the perceived power of militarism continue to pervade the very fabric of our society and further promote gun violence. We invite people across the country to join us in thoughts, prayers, and, more importantly, action to reverse this devastating trend.”

This past week FCNL brought 20 Advocacy Corps organizers from 15 states to Washington, DC to prepare them to work in their communities and lobby Congress to enact common sense gun violence reduction laws.

Legislative Ask Support Universal Background Checks 

S. 42

The gun violence epidemic facing our country is a public health crisis that can be avoided –but only if Congress takes action.