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Quaker Statements on Police Violence and Racism

Minutes, Statements, and Resources from Quaker Organizations

June 16, 2020

This collection of Quaker minutes and statements on police violence and racism come from Quaker organizations, meetings, and churches. Black lives matter. FCNL and the larger Quaker world are proclaiming this truth in our communities, our actions, and our statements.

Haverford and Westtown students at the FCNL building during the Women's March.

FCNL seeks a society free of racism, as set out in our policy statement, The World We Seek:

"The people of the United States continue to live with the legacy of slavery, white supremacy, institutional racism, and oppression. Many groups experience ongoing discrimination and hate based on race, religion, or ethnicity. We must continue to seek reconciliation and remediation. While individuals must examine their own unintended, unrecognized personal racism, the federal government has a special responsibility to establish policies that acknowledge our history and create genuine equality of opportunity."

Below, please find minutes FCNL has received from meetings across the country and statements from Quaker organizations responding to rising awareness of white supremacy, systemic racism, and police violence.

In Quaker meetings and churches, meeting minutes represent the wording of a decision or an agreed upon action to be taken by the meeting or church as a whole. FCNL recognizes the vitality of minutes as advocacy tools and as a means of communicating to members of Congress how a body of their constituents is thinking and acting on a particular issue.

If your organization, church, or meeting has approved a minute, statement, or resource on systemic racism and/or police violence, please email it to Bobby Trice (rtrice@fcnl.org) to include it in this collection. He will follow up with you to offer support in sharing your minute or statement with your members of Congress as another way to change public policy with faith-in-action.

Meeting Minutes on Racism, Policing, and Violence

Advocacy Resource Minute for Black Lives 

Minute for Black Lives, approved June 13, 2020.

  • Sierra Cascades Yearly Meeting of Friends
Advocacy Resource Statement for Dismantling Racism 

Whidbey Island Friends Meeting Statement for Dismantling Racism: A Faithful Ethical and Moral Framework, June 14, 2020

Advocacy Resource Minute on Responding to the Police Violence Against People of Color 

Friends Meeting of Austin Minute on Responding to the Police Violence Against People of Color, June 2020.

Chena Ridge Friends Meeting Minute on domestic terrorism 

Minute on Domestic Terrorism passed by Chena Ridge Friends Meeting in 2017

Adelphi Monthly Meeting Minute on Violence 

Minute passed by Adelphi Monthly Meeting on violence, hate crimes, and racism in 2016

  • Adelphi Monthly Meeting

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