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Nagasaki Remembrance: Stories that Stir and our Work Today

Thursday, August 9 6:15-8 PM EDT. Quaker Welcome Center in Washington, D.C.

On the anniversary of the Nagasaki Bombings, FCNL Friend in Washington Diana Roose spoke at the Quaker Welcome Center with Friends about the first interviews of Nagasaki survivors on this day of remembrance for Nagasaki.

Today, these survivors are teachers, artists, poets, doctors, and researchers, and committed advocates for nuclear abolition. This event will highlight Diana’s gifts and leadings, and we hope that it will be another way for Friends to connect with the work of FCNL in nuclear disarmament.

How do we open up our hearts, hear these life stories and reflect on our work today as peacebuilders, pacifists, and Friends of nuclear disarmament? How do we connect this listening and reflection to our efforts to rein in Pentagon spending and promote world-wide nuclear disarmament?

Watch Diana share some of the remembrances from the event: