1. Advocacy Resource

Meeting Minutes as Advocacy Tools

In Quaker meetings and churches, meeting minutes represent the wording of a decision or an agreed upon action to be taken by the meeting or church as a whole. FCNL recognizes the vitality of minutes as advocacy tools and as a means of communicating to members of Congress how a body of their constituents is thinking and acting on a particular issue.

If your church or meeting has passed a minute on a legislative issue that you would like to present to a member of Congress, click here to download a cover sheet for your minute.

Below, please find meeting minutes FCNL has received from yearly and monthly meeting from across the country related to our current legislative priorities.

If your meeting, church, or worship group would like to submit a minute to be included in this repository please email your submission to Christine Ashley at christine@fcnl.org.

Minute of Concern on Migration  

Minute of Concern on Migration by Intermountain Yearly Mountain, June 2019.

Minute of Concern for Climate Change  

Minute of Concern for Climate Change by Intermountain Yearly Mountain

Minute of Concern for Climate Change 

Minute of Concern for Climate Change by Piedmont Friends Meeting, March 2018.

Minute of Support for Sustainable Energy and Environment 

A minute from Friends at Tempe Monthly Meeting supporting legislation for sustainable energy and environment.

Minute of Support for Prevention of Nuclear War 

A minute of support for preventing nuclear war from Friends at London Grove Monthly Meeting on February 4th, 2019

Minute on Immigration 

Equality, community and integrity are foundations of Quaker belief. Therefore, as immigrants and refugees in our community encounter trials such as family separation, incarceration, internment and deportation, Santa Fe Monthly Meeting is called to put these beliefs into action. We will support these neighbors in their daily lives, providing aid, companionship, friendship and safety in whatever ways we are able.

Minute of Support for Immigrants and Refugees 

We encourage local, state, and national governments to develop immigration policies which are fair, just, and respectful. Any reform of our immigration system must also seek to address the root causes of persecution and economic inequality that lead to the often desperate measure of fleeing one’s homeland in search of a better life.

Minute of Concern for Central American Refugees Held in Detention Centers in the U.S. 

We want to express our concern for the thousands of women, children and young adults from Central America, who have entered the United States to find safety and peace.

San Antonio Friends Meeting Minute Separating Children from Families 

Minute passed by San Antonio Friends Meeting (TX) on the Separation of Children from their Families at the Border

Adelphi Monthly Meeting Minute on Violence 

Minute passed by Adelphi Monthly Meeting on violence, hate crimes, and racism in 2016

  • Adelphi Monthly Meeting
Albuquerque Monthly Meeting Minute on Standing Rock 

Minute on Stand Rock passed by Albuquerque Monthly Meeting in 2016

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Minute on the Doctrine of Discovery 

Minute on the Doctrine of Discovery passed by Baltimore Yearly Meeting in 2012

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Minute on North Korea 

Meeting on tensions with North Korea passed by Baltimore Yearly Meeting in 2017

Birmingham Friends Meeting on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons 

Minute passed by Birmingham Friends Meeting (PA) on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons

Chena Ridge Friends Meeting Minute on domestic terrorism 

Minute on Domestic Terrorism passed by Chena Ridge Friends Meeting in 2017

Miami Quarterly Meeting on Gun Violence 

Minute on gun violence passed by Miami quarterly meeting in 2016

  • Miami Quarterly Meeting
Montana Gathering of Friends Minute on Community Violence 

Minute passed by Montana Gathering of Friends on gun violence in 2018

Multnomah Friends Meeting Minute Supporting the U.N. General Assembly Nuclear Weapons Ban 

Minute in support of U.N. General Assembly's nuclear weapons ban

New York Yearly Meeting Indian Affairs Committee Minute on Standing Rock 

Minute on Standing Rock passed by the Indian Affairs Committee of New York Yearly Meeting in 2016

Western Yearly Meeting Minute on Incarceration 

Meeting on incarceration passed by Western Yearly Meeting in 2016