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Meeting Contacts

FCNL's grassroots network includes hundreds of Quaker meetings and churches around the country.

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  1. Monthly Meeting Contacts FAQ (pdf, 589 KB)

What do FCNL Contacts do?

Share Friends' concerns and updates with FCNL

We're committed to making sure FCNL effectively carries your meeting or church’s voice to Congress. A quick email or phone call to FCNL can turn into a story we tell on a lobby visit or prompt an adjustment in our work. We would especially like to hear about the peace and justice concerns your meeting carries and how you act on them.

Engage your meeting in advocacy

As an FCNL Contact, you'll receive monthly updates on important actions. We also hope you'll sign up for legislative action alerts and urge your meeting or church to act when appropriate. Those actions might be emails to Congress, letters to the editor, or even in-person meetings with Congress. Periodically, we send out materials to hang on a bulletin board or pass around to people who might be interested.

Help guide FCNL's legislative work

Every two years, we invite Quaker meetings and churches to participate in the priorities-setting process. Often, Contacts convene second hours or other periods for discernment.

Monthly Meeting Contact FAQs

Q: What is a FCNL Monthly Meeting Contact?

FCNL Monthly Meeting contacts serve as a liaison between Friends and FCNL. This Friend (or Friends) receive bimonthly information from FCNL’s Quaker Field Secretary and outreach which is aimed to inform and encourage Friends on how to engage as Quaker advocates, and take specific and timely actions with your members of Congress.

Q: What are the responsibilities of the role?

  • Connect your Meeting with FCNL by receiving and forwarding communications from FCNL to Friends

  • Share ways to take action with FCNL and encourage Friends to act

  • Inform FCNL on what is moving in your Meeting Facilitate your Meeting’s participation in FCNL’s Priorities Process

Q: What information do I receive from FCNL to share with my Meeting?

Monthly Meeting Contacts receive information from FCNL via our Monthly Meeting Contact email. Additionally, Friends have the opportunity to sign up for monthly letter writing materials and the Washington Newsletter (sent via snail mail). Sign up by visiting this link.

Q: How do I share the information I receive from FCNL with my Meeting?

Share FCNL’s information with Friends in the manner that fits your meeting best!

Some ideas:

  • Make an announcements during First Day announcements

  • Highlight specific actions at Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business

  • Forward to relevant meeting committees, forward to your meeting list serv.

  • Create an FCNL link on your meeting website, and post the monthly letter!

Q: My meeting needs a Monthly Meeting Contact, how do I sign up?

However your meeting determines Friends’ roles and responsibilities is good for FCNL. It depends on your meeting! Contact SHoltsclaw@fcnl.org to sign up to receive our monthly e-letter or sign up by visiting this link.

Q: How do I give feedback to FCNL as to what is moving in my Meeting?

FCNL: Every two years we have a process called Priorities Process and this January-April 2018, we ask Friends around the nation to discern legislative priorities for FCNL. We need Friends to participate in Priorities Process. For a list of current priorities our priorities page.

Setting Legislative Priorities 

A distinctive feature of the Friends Committee on National Legislation is our practice of asking Quakers around the country to help shape our work.

Thank you for taking on this important role. Quaker advocacy and FCNL depend on Friends’ engagement and action, and we are heartened that Friends can depend on FCNL to help bring about the world we seek.

Contact Quaker Field Secretary, Christine Ashley: cashley@fcnl.org; call 202-903-2505 OR Quaker Outreach Program Assistant, Sarah Holtsclaw: SHoltsclaw@fcnl.org; 202-903-2502