1. Support FCNL

FCNL's Monthly Sustainers Program

When you make a monthly contribution to FCNL or the FCNL Education Fund, you join hundreds of donors who keep FCNL strong all year.

Why a Monthly Contribution?

By giving monthly, your support is spread throughout the year in a convenient and reliable way.

Monthly giving is the greenest and most efficient way to donate. You save trees, postage, and time. As a result, more of your generous donation can be used for lobbying and education.

As a Sustainer, you won't receive regular fund appeals. At the end of the each year, you will receive a summary detailing your contributions.

How Does It Work?

Your monthly gift to FCNL or the FCNL Education Fund will be transferred electronically at the same time each month. Your credit card statement will record the transaction, and you will receive an email each month when the contribution is processed. The minimum monthly contribution is $10.

You can change your monthly contribution amount and your credit card information at any time through FCNL's website. To cancel your monthly gift, please contact us by email or postal mail by the first of the month. You may alert us to the change by telephone, but we are required to have a written record as well.

Become a Sustainer

Save paper, save postage, and save time by giving every month. Sustaining gifts help FCNL plan for the year ahead and steward contributions efficiently.

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