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Congress Needs to Stop Endless Wars and Restore Congress’ Power to Decide When the U.S. Goes to War

Radio Public Service Announcement

By Adlai Amor, June 12, 2019

Soon, the House of Representatives could approve legislation that would revoke the president’s ability to justify open-ended warfare across the world. But Congress will only act if they hear from people like you.

FCNL is taking the airwaves to urge advocates throughout the country to act for peace. Listen and spread the word about this important message.

Our constitution states that Congress has the sole authority to declare war. Yet three presidents have essentially claimed that when Congress passed the Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF) in 2001, Congress handed its war powers to the president.

This sustained use of our military force is the longest in history – longer than the Civil War, World Wars I and II combined. Since 2001, U.S. presidents, including Donald Trump, have used the AUMF to justify 41 military operations in 19 countries.

We must ACT NOW! Tell Congress to stop endless wars and restore Congress’ power to decide when the U.S. goes to war.

Adlai Amor

  • Associate General Secretary for Communications

As Associate General Secretary for Communications, Adlai Amor leads FCNL’s communications team to build its presence in all media platforms, oversee the organization’s marketing, and provide a strategic direction for all communications.