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February of Action: Visit local congressional offices!

When was the last time you visited your local congressional offices? A 10-minute drop-by visit is simple, but can have a lasting impact in Washington. Put your values into action by visiting your local congressional offices.

February Spotlight Issue: Carbon Pricing

Drop-by visits are easy -- Just three simple steps:

  1. Find your local offices
  2. Prepare for your visit
  3. Make your voice heard and tell us how it went!

Have questions? Email Justin Hurdle, FCNL's Organizing Strategy Associate, at jhurdle@fcnl.org or connect with FCNL's organizing team.

What You Need for Your Drop-by Visit

Once you've located your local offices, you're ready to prepare for your drop-by visit. Learn about FCNL’s current legislative asks by clicking below on the issues you care about most and printing the ask sheet to bring on your visit. Click here to print the drop-by visit checklist and sample script.

Make Your Voice Heard -- Then Tell Us How it Went!

How Did Your Visit Go? 

Thank you for taking action! You're joining a growing movement for peace and justice by making your voice heard. By sharing the details of your visit, our policy team can reinforce your advocacy here in Washington, D.C.

How We Advocate: Take Action with FCNL

Connect With FCNL's Organizing Team 

Not sure where to start? Let's talk about how we can work together to make a difference.

Become an FCNL Advocacy Team Member 

FCNL Advocacy Team members are building lasting, influential relationships with their elected officials. Take the next step in your advocacy today!