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This legislative ask is designed to be shared with your members of Congress and their staff.

The world is facing increasing shocks from a changing climate. These impacts are particularly acute for countries in the Global South, where the effects of the climate crisis can be seen in devastating floods in South Asia and drought in sub-Saharan Africa. Climate change is compounding the ongoing global food crisis, a debt crisis, and the lingering effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Fully fund international climate assistance in the FY24 federal budget.

The Biden administration has pledged to assist countries who are on the front lines of the climate crisis. Through the U.S. government’s international assistance, the United States funds a wide range of programs to aid countries suffering from climate impacts. And while this funding is critical for the people and families of the Global South, it is also critical for the United States—unless we act, the violence and instability caused by climate change will only worsen, with global ripple effects.     

As one of the largest emitters of greenhouse gases, the Unites States has a moral responsibility to assist the developing countries bearing the worst impacts of the climate crisis.

We urge Congress to robustly support climate assistance in the Fiscal Year 2024 State, Foreign Operations, and Related Programs (SFOPs) appropriations bill. Strong climate assistance in the SFOPs bill should include:

  • $1.1 billion for United States Agency for International Development (USAID) climate adaptation programs, which support developing countries’ ability to address worsening climate change impacts, including preventive investments to lessen the impact of weather-related disasters.
  • $3.4 Billion for the Green Climate Fund (GCF), which supports developing countries’ efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and build resilience to climate impacts.
Contact: Clarence Edwards, Legislative Director, Sustainable Energy & Environment Program,